TVS Flagship EV – TVS iQube ST

Are you curious to know what TVS offers us in its flagship variant of the iQube series? In this article, we will be covering the ins and out of TVS iQube St.

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I will be covering all the doubts you are having or will be having related to TVS iQube ST. Here is a small glimpse of the topics we will deep dive into:

  • TVS iQube ST specifications
  • TVS iQube ST price
  • TVS iQube ST launch date
  • TVS iQube ST delivery status
  • TVS iQube ST booking status
  • TVS iQube ST range
  • TVS iQube ST subsidy

Specifications of iQube ST

ARAI Range145 km range on a single charge
Price₹1,63,230 to ₹1,83,921 depending upon the state you are purchasing (without subsidy)
Subsidy₹51,000 on all states
Battery5.1 kWh lithium-ion
Top Speed82 km/h
Accelaration (0-40 km)4.2 sec
Charging Time4 h 6 m (950w) and 2 h 30 m (1500w)
Front Brake220 Disc brake
Front Tyre90/90-12
Rear Tyre90/90-12
Front SuspensionTelescopic
Rear Brake130 mm Drum brakes

Range of iQube ST

According to ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India), this scooter offers a range of around 145 km in economy mode and 110 km in power mode.

But when taken for test rides iQube ST gives around 110 km to 130 km on a single charge.

I think this scooter is perfect for daily commute and sometimes you can even use it for your nearby weekend rides.

tvs iqube st price
TVS iQube ST price

iQube ST Launch Date

The company started the booking for iQube ST way back in May 2022 but the delivery date is not disclosed by the officials.

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Color of iQube ST

iQube ST comes in four aspiring colors:

  • Coral Sand Glossy
  • Titanium Grey Matte
  • Copper Bronze Matte
  • Starlight Blue Glossy

TVS iQube is available for a test drive before booking or purchasing the vehicle for the rider’s comfort.

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Price of TVS iQube ST

TVS has not announced the price of their flagship variant, but it is expected to price around ₹1,63,230 to ₹1,83,921 depending upon the state you are purchasing (without subsidy).

iQube ST delivery status
iQube ST delivery status

TVS iQube ST Delivery Status

The company is not giving any particular date when they are going to start the deliveries for ST.

But according to the rumors and competition in the market, TVS has to launch its electric scooter quickly to avoid a negative impact on market sales. Plus Hero motors has also announced their electric scooter line “VIDA” which has the potential to give a head-to-head challenge to TVS as both the brands are made in India and have great customer reach and trust which they have gained over the years.

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iQube ST Booking Status

The booking has been closed temporarily and there is no information about the next phase for booking.

Although it is predicted that once the deliveries get started, TVS will soon open the deliveries for other customers as well.

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iQube ST Subsidy

So currently Government of India is proving a FAME ii (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles) subsidy for the faster adoption of electric vehicles in India.

Therefore, if we examine the amount of the subsidy provided to the previous TVS iQube models, we find that both models got ₹51,000 under FAME ii.

iQube subsidy
iQube ST Subsidy

TVS iQube ST Top Speed

The iQube St is TVS’s flagship model, with a powerful motor capable of producing a peak torque of 140Nm and a peak power of 4.4kW, with a top speed of 85 km/h.

The Battery Capacity of iQube ST

The scooter comes with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4.56kWh. This battery has IP67 certification which means it is water and dust-resistant. It generates a rated voltage of 52volts.

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Charging Duration

Charging details:

  • Charging duration – O to 80% SOC – 4h 06 m (950 W), 2h 30m (1500 W)
  • Plug-in charger type – Offboard charger


TVS iQube ST can reach 0 – 40 km/h in just 4.2 sec.

iQube ST range
iQube ST range

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Additional features

Here are some of the additional features that iQube ST offers:

  • Reverse and forward parking assist
  • Front Suspension:- Telescopic
  • Rear Suspension:- Adjustable, Hydraulic twin tube shock absorber
  • Rear Brake; size & type:- Ø 130 mm Drum
  • Front Brake; size & type:- Ø 220 mm Disc
  • Traction motor type – BLDC hub mounted
  • Headlamp – LED-Integrated with TSL
  • Taillamp – LED-Integrated with TSL
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Navigation
  • Incoming call alert
  • Side stand indication
  • Battery level and low battery indicator
  • DTE (Distance to Empty)
  • Park assist / reverse assist indicator
  • Music Control
  • Incognito mode
  • Alexa integration
  • Remote vehicle immobilization
  • Keyless unlocking
  • 17.78 cm TFT Touchscreen display


If you are looking for a stylish electric scooter that has many years of brand value. Then you must consider iQube ST because it offers a great package in its scooter. Plus with the FRAME ii subsidy, you will get it at a good price.

I would also recommend before buying any vehicle, you must have a test ride so that you may get the idea of sitting posture and does it suit you or not.

Note:- All the information has been taken from TVS official site.

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