How To Start Electric Scooter Business In India?

As electric scooters are quickly gaining popularity and constantly getting massive growth around India, the time has come for us to finally grasp the financial opportunity waiting for people who recognize the potential of electric vehicles.

So if you want to capitalize on this massive growth facing the electric scooter industry, you can choose to open a business centered around electric scooters.

Before making the decision to start an electric scooter business you need to inform yourself about many things that are necessary for taking this step, and we are providing you here with a complete guide on how to start an electric scooter business in India.

Is Electric Scooter Business Profitable In India?

Electric scooters are rapidly replacing the petrol scooter market in India right now, because of all the innovative features they have to offer at an affordable price and low maintenance cost.

With the current rate of sales of electric scooters and the government initiative to promote their sales over petrol scooters, the popularity of electric scooters will just keep on increasing.

India is now one of the countries with the most demand and expansion of electric scooters. In this current climate, electric scooters will be a great investment option.

Various electric scooter companies like Ola, Okinawa, Battre, etc. are reporting massive growth in their sales, again proving the lucrative business opportunity that electric scooters are.

This year we have seen a significant amount of dealerships and charging stations for electric vehicles opening all across India in anticipation of the growing demand for electric vehicles.

How To Start Electric Scooter Business In India
How To Start Electric Scooter Business In India

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Growth Of Electric Scooters

Over the last 2 years, electric scooters have seen significant growth in their sales, in 2021 there was a 132% growth in the sales of electric vehicles.

Popular electric scooter brands like Ola, Okinawa, and Ampere are reporting steady growth in the sales of their electric two-wheelers, especially electric scooters.

The obscene amount of rising in the price of petrol is finally driving the growth of the electric scooter sales.

Estimated Electric Scooter Price in India

It is necessary to have an idea of the estimated price of electric scooters in India for the coming years to understand the overall price they will cost you.

Low-speed electric scooters will cost you somewhere around 25,000 to 30,000 rupees and high-powered electric scooters will cost you around 50,000 to 1,00,000 rupees.

The price of scooters might vary between themselves quite a lot due to several factors such as the various different features and specifications they might come with.

When you have an idea about the estimated price of electric scooters you will be able to make a better plan for your business.

Electric Scooter Business Opportunities

So you have decided to open an electric scooter business in India, now you need to consider the various ways you can start an electric scooter business. What kind of opportunities are available for the electric scooter business.

To make the correct choice for your electric scooter business you need to first understand your budget, the various pros, and cons of opening an electric scooters business, and the limitations that you might face.

There are many different ways of starting an electric scooter business such as you can start manufacturing your own electric scooters, or start an electric scooter assembly business or an electric scooter dealership.

Each of these three different options has certain benefits and challenges associated with them. You need a thorough understanding of the resources available to you and your own capacities and limitations to make a choice that’s suitable for you.

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Electric Scooter Manufacturing Business

The first electric scooter business idea that you might consider is the electric scooter manufacturing business. You can choose to go all in and make your own electric scooters.

This is a great way for anyone looking for something original and ambitious, manufacturing electric scooters can be very profitable if done correctly but they can turn out to be very challenging too.

Between the various options available to you manufacturing electric scooters might be the most challenging but ultimately rewarding business. You need a completely original business plan for this electric scooter business plan.

Manufacturing Cost Of Electric Scooters

It is very important to get a general idea of the cost of your electric scooter manufacturing business because this business will require you to almost make every part of the scooter and in some cases even assemble these scooters.

Considering all these things estimating the cost of manufacturing electric scooters will be necessary for you to develop your business plan.

First, you need to create a business plan considering all your needs in an electric scooter manufacturing plant. What raw materials do you need, how many workers and other expenses like that.

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Electric Scooter Assembly Business

There is another option for people looking to start an electric scooter business, which is to start an electric scooter assembly business. You can collaborate with various electric scooter parts manufacturers and assemble your own electric scooters.

Many of the most popular electric scooter companies don’t make the scooters themselves but in fact, just assemble the different parts manufactured by different manufacturers.

The electric scooter assembly business is significantly easier and less complicated than the manufacturing business, it is less technical and can be done even if you lack a deep understanding of electric vehicles.

Assembly Cost Of Electric Scooter

To plan a successful electric scooter assembly business we need to find out the estimated cost of electric scooter assembly. Electric scooter assembly will cost relatively less than an electric scooter manufacturing business.

You have to take into account all the facets of cost in an electric scooter assembly business, like the cost of transportation for the materials you are getting, and the cost of different parts of the electric scooter.

You also need to take into account all the other related costs like cost of employees needed, cost of marketing and many such things. So to start an electric scooter business you should have all these things figured out.

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Electric Scooter Dealership Business

Another very lucrative as well as a simplified form of electric scooter business is electric scooter dealerships.

Dealerships are a great way to participate in the profitable world of electric business even when you don’t have a thorough understanding of electric scooters.

The additional benefit of this form of business is that you’ll have the ability to choose the most profitable brand of electric scooter and collaborate with them for a dealership.

By doing so you’ll have the ability to ensure your profits and make a more informed and secure choice of dealership.

How To Get Electric Scooter Dealership

nowadays getting a dealership for electric scooters is becoming more and more easier and hassle-free with online dealership application opportunities.

You can apply for dealerships of popular electric scooter companies like Ola, Okinawa, Battre, etc. just by going to their website and providing the proper information.

If you qualify for the dealership business for any of these electric scooter brands then the further process of starting a dealership is quite simple. Electric scooter dealership is a relatively new and profitable business.

Electric Scooter Dealership Cost

The cost of starting an electric scooter dealership is no small business as the money it will cost you won’t be anything small, it will be quite a significant amount.

To have a full proof plan of costs of your business make sure you are taking into account all the relevant details of the business costs associated with the dealership.

Make a detailed plan of the employees required, the cost of rent of the dealership, cost of getting the electric scooter to the showroom, and then you will have a good idea of the cost of your electric scooter dealership.

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Electric Scooter Rental Business

Another form of business that can be taken up regarding electric scooters is the electric scooter rental business, where you can make various brands of electric scooters available for rent to people.

This form of business is a lot more started forward and service-oriented because instead of providing a product you are actually providing a service to the customer in the form of renting vehicles.

Being a service-oriented business, the electric scooter rental business needs to focus more on the customer than on the individual electric scooters.

Electric Scooter Charging Station Business

Since the ongoing growth of electric scooters, charging stations have become an indispensable staple for commuters in India.

Since home charging is not completely accessible to everyone, charging stations are very important for the users of electric scooters.

Tata is opening chains of electric vehicle charging stations all throughout India, and it shows the ongoing popularity of this business venture.

Investment Required To Start An Electric Scooter Business

Depending on the kind and scale of your business, the investment amount required for the starting of an electric scooter business varies.

If you have a well-thought-out plan and proper financial vision then the investment amount won’t be a problem for you.

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How Much Does It Cost To Start An Electric Scooter Business?

No matter which form of electric scooter business you choose to start, you will need to have an estimated idea of how much it usually costs to start an electric scooter business.

It’s very relative as a lot depends on the type of electric scooter business you choose to start, how big or small it is, what kind of electric scooters you’ll deal and even the place you are starting your business.

So to have an accurate idea of all these things you should take stock of the business plan you have in mind and take into account all the costs associated with it.


With the sudden rise in the popularity of electric scooters, it is no wonder that people are starting to take the idea of starting an electric scooter business more seriously.

Electric scooters are a highly profitable commodity to invest in and anyone looking for a lucrative field to start their business in should seriously consider electric scooters.

With the limited information available on this topic, we hope to help you start your electric scooter business smoothly with this detailed article of ours.

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