RM Mitra 02 Electric Scooter Review 2022 – Specs, Features, and Price

Have you been watching the Shark Tank India version? Well, if you haven’t, there is so much you have been missing out especially when it comes to the EV sector. One of the earlier episodes showcased an incredible startup. Revamp Moto brought in RM Mitra 02 Electric Scooter designed by three inspirational founders.

Well, their flagship model Revamp Mitra is the talk of the town. It beats the multiple other traditional EV concepts in the market. This EV two-wheeler not only can be used to travel distance with its double battery-packed system but can be customized with over 10 attachments that will change the way we see the modular utility sector in the market.

Collecting all the information we could get from their first appearance in the new hit show Shark Tank to everything the team has provided officially, we have this incredible review on RM Mitra 02 Electric Scooter.

RM Mitra 02 Electric Scooter – Specifications

Parameters RM-Mitra
Loading Capacity 200kg
Top Speed 65Kmph 
Range 140 KM

RM Mitra Electric Scooter is a prototype designed and created by three amazing entrepreneurs namely Jayesh Tope, Pritesh Mahajan, and Pushkaraj Salunke. As of now, this amazing product might be available soon for all the people.

As per the startup, the Mitra bike will be made available only upon registration based on the demand based on the B2B concept.

RM Mitra 02 Electric Scooter
Revamp Moto Mitra

While on the other hand, the other model RM 25 is here for other enthusiasts that have a lot to offer and do not require any registration.

Moving on, RM-Mitra is the country’s very first and uniquely designed Modular utility platform that can take your business on wheels. From local Pani Puri or Golgappa vendors to big guns like Swiggy can make the best use of this particular electric vehicle.

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RM Mitra 02 Electric Scooter – Features

Coming over the features that matter the most here. RM Mitra 02 isn’t just for those who are looking to ride an electric scooter. But also, for those who are looking to do business over it.

For example, this platform provides you with multiple attachments that will only help other microentrepreneurs to set up their stall within minutes and pack it all up and get on their scooter.

Here are some noticeable features you can look into:

  • It has a top speed of 65kmph.
  • Can easily carry 200kg load
  • Has dual battery storage in the vehicle.
  • Gives a range of 140 km.
  • Easily swappable battery pack i.e. within 2 minutes or less.
  • Available in multiple colors and Customizable
  • IoT connected Bike
  • Comes with custom-made attachments like Side rack, Delivery Basket, Folding Table, Modular Shop, Food Box, etc.

Starting off, the bike has an incredible range of 140 km that you will hardly find in other electric bikes.

In fact, while you are done with a single battery, the other will be ready and charged in the hub that will take around a minute to swap. Each battery gives a 70 km range.

RM Mitra 02 Electric Scooter
RM Mitra 02 Electric Scooter

Since this product is mainly designed for small businesses or vendors, it is customizable accordingly. Also, the bike is integrated with IoT technology through which you can get all the information on your smartphone via their official app.

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Revamp Moto Mitra – Attachments

One of the most unique aspects of this flagship model by the startup that stands out and acts as their USP is the attachments.

The electric bike isn’t designed for regular customers like us who only need a ride for leisure. But we are talking about smaller businesses that can use it for their expansion.

There are over ten such attachments available currently. For example,

  • Foldable Table: You will be provided with a steady and foldable table. Here, you can set up a stall or street food joint of your choice as you see every day on the streets.
RM Mitra 02 Electric Scooter Price in India
RM Mitra 02 Folding Table
  • Delivery Basket: Next, you have an attachment in the form of a basket attached at the back. Here, you can carry the logistics such as those by Myntra, Flipkart, etc., delivery agents.
revamp moto Mitra price
Revamp Moto Mitra Delivery Basket
  • KoolKeep: It has a small refrigerator fitted on the back of the bike that is powered by the batteries provided for the bike. You can carry meat, milk, and even vaccines. With the use of this small refrigerator for around 5 hours, you can still get an easy 70 km range.
revamp moto rm25
Revamp Moto KoolKeep

Other than all of the above, it can be used for traveling, carrying goods, setting up a grocery market, and much more. 

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RM Mitra 02 Electric Scooter Pricing in India

As of now, RM Mitra 02 Electric Scooter is available at a price of INR 1.06 Lacs. However, once it launches you can avail this electric bike at a price of between INR 45,000- INR 60,000 depending on the Central and the State Subsidy.

Parameters RM-Mitra
Price (without Subsidy)INR 1.06 Lacs
Price (with Subsidy)INR 45,000- INR 60,000

Well, it is only an estimated price that can surely change. For example, based on the customization, GST, requirements, and so many other factors. Considering all the features it has to offer, every penny is surely worth it for the long term especially for delivery-based business.

Since the startup is still in the development phase, the electric bikes will be made available soon. You can always check out their official site if you are looking for a pre-order.

Other than this, the founders have already received a massive order of 50,000 units with an evaluation of 250 Crores. They have filed patents on the design and product so that there are no future consequences whatsoever.

RM-Mitra Collaborations- What the Future looks like?

Since we have already understood that the bikes are in the development phase. However, the prototype is ready and they have even received massive orders from multiple businesses for their flagship model.

The Revamp Moto team has already collaborated with Licious deals in the food supply chain market.

RM-Mitra Prototype in Progress

Moving on, the startup has a plan to set up a 10,000 sq ft. manufacturing location. Here, 10,000 units can be easily be built with precision and quality. Other than this, there are already plans to have a similar setup in the North, East, and South of the country.

Even with the shortage of Semiconductor chips in the market. The Mitra founders have collaborated with multiple vendors that will provide them with all the components at priority.

Or else, the parts will be made available from Germany, Taiwan, and China. Furthermore, the startup has now received an investment of 1 Crore from the CO-Founder and CMO of BoAt and the Founder of Shaadi.com through Shark Tank India.

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Revamp Moto Mitra is surely a “killer” product that will give tough competition to big brands in the market. Even if you are not an investor or business person, you too can understand the practicality behind this Electric Scooter and how it can capture the market on a massive level in the near future.