RM 25 Electric Scooter 2022 – Specification, Features, and Price

An Indian-based electric bike company named Revamp Moto recently introduced their two exceptional models RM Mitra 02 and 25 RM electric scooter on the reality TV show Shark Tank. Since the show has been aired, a lot of people have been pumped about yet another electric two-wheeler innovation entering the Indian EV market.

We did review their flagship scooter, RM Mitra earlier. All its features surely stand out if you are looking for an EV model, especially for commercial purposes. However, the startup also has another low-speed electric scooter.

It is perfect for smart mobility or says for your everyday commute. The prototype created surely looks dreamy and something you can appreciate at a first glance.

It took around 45 days for the team to build the prototype. It has a lot of scopes when RM 25 launches in the market. While we wait for any official news from the founders about the launch, let us look at all the info we have on it.

25 RM Electric Scooter Specifications

Here are the rm 25 electric scooter specifications in India.

Parameters RM 25
Loading Capacity 120kg
Top Speed 25Kmph 
Range 70 KM
RegistrationNot Required

RM 25 02 Electric Scooter is an electric scooter designed and created by the Revamp Moto Team to change the game in the EV industry.

You might have come across multiple electric vehicles. But RM 25 sure looks exceptionally good aesthetically and has been built with precision.

rm 25 electric scooter price
RM 25 02 Electric Scooter

It runs on a single battery that can be easily swapped with another when needed. Well, the battery takes a few hours for a full charge after which it is ready to be back on the street.

Unlike RM-Mitra where it has the capacity to store a double battery, RM 25 only has space for a single one.

As the name is given, you can call it a city rider. It is best suited for a daily commute and taking a spin around your city. It looks sleek, well designed, and has a great finish to it making it easier to get away easily from traffic.

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Revamp Moto 25 02 (RM-25) – Features

Let’s talk about the features for RM 25 (25 rm electric scooter feature) that will give you more insight into the bike. Well, as we mentioned, the electric bike has not been launched yet.

The founders have only built the prototype, here is all we could list down to gain more insight about the scooter. It sure has a few attachments that you can use for multiple purposes that we will be discussing soon.

Here are some noticeable features you can look into:

  • It features a decent range of 70 km.
  • Has the capacity to carry 120Kg capacity
  • It can attain a top speed of up to 25kmph
  • Comes with a single battery pack
  • Easy to swap and hardly takes minutes
  • IoT connected Bike
  • No registration required
  • Have a number of attachments available such as the back-rack, base-plate, panniers, food box, and delivery cage.

Apart from all the specs and features mentioned here, you would love to see that the electric scooter can be connected through your Smartphone.

Well, it is made in accordance to showcase your speed, battery status, Map View via GPS, and distance traveled. As we mentioned, this is a low-speed bike, hence it only gives 25 kmph top speed.

Furthermore, the loading capacity is pretty good considering the size of the bike. Looking over the prototype displayed on Shark Tank, it might be a little too short for people of a certain height. But we are hoping they come up with a bigger version of this for everyone.

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25 rm electric scooter price in india

Before we jump over to the attachments, it is important to know the price of the product that is super important. This particular factor appeals to the target customer and how it will compete with other electric scooters in the market.

Here is the rm 25 electric scooter price in India.

Parameters RM 25
PriceINR 55,000 (*Expected)
rm 25 electric scooter price in India

The current price mentioned here is only the estimate excluding the GST and the attachment you might want. Other than that, the Revamp Moto team is looking to enter the Made in India scheme soon.

Through this, the customers can even avail subsidy over these electric vehicles after which the price might get lower.

RM 25 Electric Scooter is a working prototype as featured by the team in Shark tank India and it looked promising. Considering the future prospects, the team are able to produce unit in bulk for any business and also provide them with the necessary customization.

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RM (25) Electric Scooter – Attachments

This electric does not have a ton of attachments as you had seen on RM Mitra, but just enough to serve multiple purposes.

In fact, if you choose to visit the official page of Revamp Moto, you might come across an option where you can ask for a custom build attachment via a specific request.

Apart from being a comfortable ride, these are some attachments you will see or be allowed to choose from when it is available in the market.

  • Back Rack: The first attachment you can get here is a back rack that is perfect if you are looking to carry your backpack whether you are going to the office or maybe school/college.
rm 25 electric scooter price in india
RM-25 Electric Scooter Back Rack
  • Base Plate: This can be a great addition to your bike for carrying things like pots that need a plain surface and are much more stable.
rm 25 electric scooter specifications
Revamp Moto 25 Base Plate
  • Food Box: If you have a food place or a food chain locally in your city, you can provide this environment-friendly bike to your delivery guys and use the Food Box attachment in which the food will remain hot, stable, and much easier to carry around.
rm 25 electric scooter review
RM 25 Food Box
  • Delivery Cage: Another interesting attachment would be a delivery cage or basket that can be perfect to carry vegetables home.

These are only limited options as provided by the founders themselves. However, you can choose to select your own custom-built attachment based on your usage. All of the attachments are mainly for your in-city travel and commute.

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Final Verdict

Here we are with all you need to know about this pocket rocket as one of the founders described RM 25 to be. There is no doubt that even though it works at low speed, the acceleration is powerful as well as super smooth to ride on.

The Revamp Moto team is all set to manufacture this bike in bulk considering the order and requirement and has already set up multiple manufacturing options in different parts of the country.

As for the parts such as chips, motor, battery, etc., they have been tied up with multiple vendors from different countries so that they are never short with these in times of need. We are looking forward to hearing more updates from the team.

As of now, they have received an investment of ₹1 Crores for 1.5% Equity from Aman Gupta & Anupam Mittal on Shark Tank India.

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