Polestar 2 Price In India – Specs and More

Tesla showed the world that you could own an electric car without sacrificing style or performance. This was one of the reasons the Tesla Model Y is the highest-selling electric car in the world right now. But Tesla isn’t the only option here. Have you heard about the upcoming Polestar 2 electric vehicle? Let us check about Polestar 2 Price In India, launch date, specifications, etc.

For those who are looking for something different than Tesla, the Polestar 2 can be a great option. Polestar 2 has everything that you get on a Tesla. Whether it is a good range, great onboard tech, or top-level safety. Plus, it is also competitively priced, which is one of the reasons this is getting quite popular among buyers.

Therefore, if this car interests you, you have landed on the right webpage. Here, I am going to review Polestar 2. This review will contain everything such as the price, performance, expected launch in India, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Polestar 2 Review

Polestar 2 is the all-new electric performance-focused electric car. It is a four-door (technically five) hatchback with a ride height of a crossover while the proportion looks like a sedan. This gives the car quite a unique saloon look.

Polestar, as a manufacturer, was earlier known as the motorsport skunkworks for Volvo that has now fully grown as a car maker itself. Polestar is a Swedish automotive company jointly owned by Volvo and Chinese automotive manufacturer giant Geely.

Before the Polestar 2, the carmaker introduced the Polestar 1, a plug-in hybrid. While the Polestar 1 was a great car, it didn’t grab enough attention due to its costlier price.

However, the Polestar 2 is not like that. Polestar 2 is a fully-fledged car that is going to establish Polestar as a big player in the EV industry.

Polestar 2 Price In India
Polestar 2 Price In India

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Polestar 2 Pricing and Launch Date

This electric car hasn’t been launched in India yet. Moreover, there are no official updates on when it will be available in India.

However, considering the growing EV market in India, we might expect the Polestar 2 to be launched in India by the end of the year 2023. So, yeah, we actually have to wait quite a long time to see the Polestar 2 in India.

The base model of the Polestar 2 is priced at $47,200 in the United States. This means the base model in India will be priced somewhere between Rs 35-37 lakh. It also has a dual-motor model that costs an extra $4000, making the price $51,200. If this variant comes to India, it will cost somewhere between Rs 43-45 lakh.

However, note that this is the estimated price of the Polestar 2 in India. There are chances that this electric vehicle brand will launch the stripped-down variant of the Polestar 2 in the Indian market to make it affordable for Indian buyers. But the overall pricing of the Polestar 2 will fall under this category.

Polestar 2 Performance

Polestar 2 comes in two variants – long-range single motor and long-range dual motor.

The long-range single motor variant comes with front-wheel drive. It features a 170 kWh motor that can produce a maximum power of 231 hp and a maximum torque of 329 nm. This provides very powerful performance and can hit the speed of 0 to 97 KMPH in just seven seconds. Further, this model can hit the top speed of 160 KMPH.

The other variant of the vehicle comes with an all-wheel-drive, featuring electric motors on both front and rear axles. This model can produce a maximum power of 408 hp and a maximum torque of 660 nm. This model can hit 0 to 97 KMPH in just 4.7 seconds. Also, the top speed of the car can go up to 205 KMPH.

polestar 2 wheels

Polestar 2 comes with the Ohlins suspensions that feel quite stiff but can easily absorb small potholes and cracks in the road. Though you can adjust the suspensions as per your needs. We won’t recommend you to do so as, by default, they are designed to offer sharp and responsive handling.

However, if you are from a location where the roads are terribly bad, you can adjust the suspensions a bit to make your rides comfortable.

Along with that, the Polestar 2 also features three levels of regenerative braking systems. You can adjust this regenerative braking system to the highest level for true one-pedal driving, giving you the ability to stop the car without even touching the brake. You can also turn it off completely.

While the strongest level of the regenerative braking system caters to enthusiast car lovers, I feel that level 2 will be more than sufficient for most people. However, having three levels of the regenerative braking system is not a con.

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Polestar 2 Battery Range and Charging Time

Both the long-range single motor and the long-range dual motor Polestar 2 models house a 78 kWh lithium-ion 27 modules battery pack under the hood. The electric system of the car supports DC fast charging of up to 155 kWh that can charge this battery from 10 to 80 percent in just 35 minutes.

polestar 2 battery pack

However, if you charge this battery using your three-phase 16A home socket, it will take around 8 hours to charge this battery completely.

Talking about the range, despite weighing around 2000 KGs, Polestar 2 gives you a superb range of around 435 KM per charge on the long ranging single motor variant. The long ranging dual-motor variant cuts down the range slightly to above 400 KM per charge.

Polestar 2 Design

On the design front, Polestar 2 is a perfect attention grabber in the true sense. It looks like a fastback-styled car with a bunch of Swedish touches. The outside is entirely made of metal with crisp and fresh, clean cuts. The frameless door mirrors and fully glass roof panel makes it look like a future car.

polestar 2 india launch

Polestar 2 is a bit chunky from the outside, but it looks quite stylish, and you will definitely want to have one when you see it on the roads.

From the inside, it is just magnificent. The interior is made of wood, fabric, and plastic in an effortless yet artful manner, making it look quite modern and clean. It features very sharp lines with a spartan color palette.

Polestar 2 has borrowed a lot of things from its Volvo siblings, such as the steering-wheel buttons, knurled start knob, and more, but the overall interior of the car looks quite clean and less busy.

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Additional Technology and Top Features

Polestar 2 features 12.03 inches of a fully digital instrument cluster and an iPad-Esque portrait-oriented touchscreen which is centrally located for infotainment and connectivity.

While the instrument cluster provides you with all essential information such as speed, estimated range, battery percentage, and more, the 11.02 inches touchscreen in the middle handles all other functions.

polestar 2 review

It runs Google’s Automotive OS, which gives a very simple and clean UI with lots of connectivity options. The UI is divided into 4 squares, each containing different types of apps.

Further, this electric car also comes with an integrated Google Maps navigation system. The navigation system also helps you find battery-friendly routes to your destinations.

You also get Google Assistant by default, which can be used to do a lot of things such as controlling the audio level, changing climate control settings, sending messages, changing songs, searching destinations, and other smart features.

polestar 2 interior

What’s more? Well, there is an in-built full-scale web browser named Vivaldi that gives you the ability to browse the internet. You can use this browser for streaming, shopping, or anything else. Plus, all the apps get regular updates to keep you up with the latest technology and functionalities.

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Polestar 2 Safety Features

Additionally, Polestar 2 is packed with exciting safety features, including the safety assistant, inner-side airbags, and front lower load path.

All these safety features help you protect from any type of collision, and in situations where a collision has occurred, it keeps you safe from getting injured.

You also get the option to get the Pilot-pack configured to your electric car by paying an additional $3200. Getting the Pilot-pack provides you with a lot of features like a cruise control which is also adaptive, pilot assist, emergency stop assists, blind spot information system, 360-degree cameras, rear collision warning, and much more.

polestar 2 Speaker

Apart from that, Polestar 2 is also packed with 250-watt high-performance eight speakers with a patented air woofer for a top-notch audio listening experience.

If you are from cold areas, you can enjoy the electrically heated front seats with three levels of controls. There is also a mobile app that lets you connect your car and smartphone for seamless digital integration.

Closing Comments

There you have it – a detailed review of the Polestar 2.

Polestar 2 is a great electric car with a beautiful and sturdy design. It is packed with dozens of amazing features, and the interior looks quite futuristic. At a price range of Rs 35-37 lakh, this is not a budget-friendly value for money option, but it is definitely going to be a great purchase if you don’t mind spending a bit extra on a premium electric car.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this review. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP. Also, let us know what you think about the all-new Polestar 2.