MG Air EV Electric Car – India’s one of the cheapest cars

MG is about to enter India’s EV car market with its model MG Air EV. It will be MG’s entry-level model which will come in the category of a cheapest electric car of a foreign company in India.

MG Air EV Electric Car

It will be a small double-door vehicle packed with lots of modern techs but comes with a price of around 10-12 lakhs approx only. MG launched its EV in India under its sister brand name Wuling’s Air EV.

MG Airev

This model will be available under two different variants which will solely depend on their battery capacity and as its battery capacity changes so do the range.

MG Air EV Battery and Range

With a 30 kWh battery, this will give a range of 200km on a single charge and with 50 kWh this EV will give a range of 300 km on a single charge.

This EV battery will be sourced by the Tata company. The MG E320 will be modified as per the demand and requirements of Indian customers. It will use lithium-ion phosphate cells and a thermal management system.

MG Air EV Interior and Features

This EV has only 2 doors one on each side, and no luggage space at back but you can get one by folding the back seats they may get a few liters of space, seats are made of fine quality leather.

It is a car mid-height people only above this height range people will feel uncomfortable inside.

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As it will be a modern mini EV car still MG will give many smart features like an Android OS display, Voice command, Auto parking, ABS, Rear parking sensors, advanced driver assistant, and many more.

Wuling’s Air EV
Wuling’s Air EV

Specification of MG Air EV or Wuling’s Air EV

Range200 km and 300 km in a single charge
Battery capacity30 kWh and 50 kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery
Charging portAC port, not DC option available
Wheels type and Tire SizeAlloy wheels with 12 ”
Boot spaceNO, but can have around 50ltrs if the back seat folds
DisplayAndroid os touch display
Auto window and parking controlYes
ABS SystemYes
Rear parking sensorYes
Advance driver assistanceYes
Automatic parkingYes
Voice command FacilityYes

As the Head of MG Motors of India, Rajeev Chaba Said ” The launch will be an electric crossover based on a global platform. The EV will be launched by the end of the financial year 2023, and it will be customized for range, Indian regulations, and customer tastes. This will be a mass market EV for all emerging markets, including India.”

As EV vehicles become more widely available in India at such cheap prices, car manufacturers must assess the pricing for their models because most Indian consumers still prioritize price above other factors like features.

MG Air EV Price

It is expected to be priced under 10 Lakh rupees.

MG Air EV Launch Date in India

EV experts and rumors say that we can expect MG Air EV to launch around March 2023.


Due to its affordability and style, I believe the MG Air EV might be a game changer in the Indian EV industry. Because of how much it resembles TATA’s Nano in design aspects, the MG Air EV’s sales will be greatly impacted by this factor. Let’s see what happens if MG succeeds in establishing its new Air EV in the market for reasonably priced electric vehicles.

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