How To Waterproof An Electric Scooter?

The modern electric scooter of today is more resistant to water than the scooter of yesteryears. However, this does imply that these modern scooters will be 100 percent waterproof. Unfortunately, electric scooters with high IP ratings for water and moisture are still low in numbers.

So as to say, ‘take matters into your own hands.’ This article provides a complete step-by-step guide on how you can waterproof your electric scooter so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Giving Your Electric Scooter A Thorough Clean Up

The first step involves giving your scooter a thorough clean-up before applying the waterproofing measures. This cleaning will ensure that your scooter is free of muck, dust, grime, or any other dirt or debris.

Some pointers for cleaning your electric scooter –

  • Water is always the best agent for cleaning purposes, provided that you are not using a pressure valve. You can use a damp cloth, and gentle is the keyword here.
  • You may use shampoos and other cleaning products available on the market for cleaning agents.
  • Always remember to remove the battery and displays before washing your electric scooter. For some scooters that come with permanent displays, you can use a cloth or a plastic sheet to cover them before getting on with the cleaning.

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Dry Your Electric Scooter Completely

Next comes drying. Once you are done cleaning the scooter, it is time to dry your vehicle completely. To get rid of dirt and debris, you clean your scooter, and you will have to dry it thoroughly to get rid of moisture.

Drying your scooter completely will ensure that no moisture will remain on the different parts and the scooter’s body when you are applying your waterproofing measure.

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Identifying The Ip Ratings Of Your Electric Scooter And Its Components.

The IP rating or the ingress protection rating refers to the level to the extent to which a cover protects an electrical system. The higher the IP ratings, the better the protection.

The IP ratings come with two digits, with ratings 0 to 6. The first digit represents the protection of electrical circuits against solids, and the second number indicates protection against liquids.

The electric scooter and all its parts come with an IP rating. So, for example, if the IP rating for your scooter is 33, it means that out of 6, which is the highest rating, the enclosure for your motor will provide 50 percent protection against both solids and liquids.

The IP ratings of different components of your electric scooter will give you an idea of the amount of waterproofing you will have to provide for each component. Anything less than 3 will require more or even permanent waterproofing.

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Choosing Between A Cover Or A Sealant

There are two general options available for waterproofing your electric scooter – a sealant or a cover.

Choosing one over the other may depend on your geographical location. People who live in places with wet climates all through most of the year prefer sealant as a waterproofing option as they are more effective than a cover and a permanent measure to some extent. They last long but will start to wear off over time.

On the other hand, people living in regions with warm and sunny climates throughout the year prefer to go with a cover as a waterproofing measure. The use of electrical tapes is one example of cover waterproofing. They are temporary, and one close by at all times will serve as an excellent cover waterproofing for sudden downpours.  

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Sealing Your Electric Scooter’s Motor

Your motor and battery are the two important parts of your scooter that need to be protected the most against moisture. Generally, the motors in electric scooters are water-resistant and have a high IP rating. Nevertheless, it is wise to sell your motor with a waterproofing agent that is not permanent.

Sealing it permanently will mean unnecessary hassle if there comes your motor requires opening. The best way to waterproof the motor of your electric scooter is to use an anti-rust sealant and corrosion spray. In addition, you will find special waterproofing sprays in the market that provide a high level of protection against moisture.

Waterproofing Your Electric Scooter’s Battery

The batteries of electric scooters are highly water-resistant but not waterproof. As the most important and expensive part of your scooter, it is important that you pay more attention to the maintenance of your battery. And this includes waterproofing it properly.

As a waterproofing measure for the batteries of your electric scooter, the recommendation is the use of waterproofing spray. The spray will reach all the corners, nooks, and crannies of the battery, protecting it from moisture from all sides.

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Waterproofing Your Electric Scooter’s Wire And Electrical Components

The wires and the electric components of your scooter are two of the important requirements for proper waterproofing. Water or moisture entering into naked wire and electric circuits can cause serious damage to your electric scooter.

The best way to waterproof the wires of your electric scooter is to tie them in a bundle and waterproof them together as a single unit. You can use an adhesive-lined heat-shrink wire of the main grade to waterproof the bundle of wires for that extra protection.

Protecting the screen and the power button of your electric scooter

The screen and the power button are other vulnerable electronic parts of your electric scooter. To protect the screen from moisture, you can use a transparent waterproof material cover over the screen. For the power button, you can use adhesive tape over it.

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Waterproofing Options For Electric Scooters

For your electric scooter, you can use waterproofing sprays, duct tapes, dielectric Grease, heat shrink wire, silicone, and potting as a waterproofing measure.

The use of each of these waterproofing options will depend on which component you are waterproofing and how much waterproof protection you want to bestow upon your electric scooter. 

Waterproofing Spray

The use of waterproofing spray is one of the most reliable and easy ways of waterproofing your electric scooter. In addition, the use of spray is safe for electrical components.

Apart from waterproofing, the spray also acts as a light lubricant and prevents metal parts from gathering rust. And the best part, these waterproofing sprays are not very expensive.

When using the spray, make sure that you are wearing a protective mask, gloves, and goggles.

Using Tape For Waterproofing

One of the best tapes for waterproofing is the silicone self-fusing tape. These tapes can withstand high temperatures and hence are very safe to use on any of the scooter’s electrical components.

The best use of silicone tape is for covering exposed and naked wires and connectors. However, you may want to use it on parts that require frequent access. For these parts, the spray works the best.

Dielectric Grease Is A Waterproofing Measure For Your Electric Scooter

Using dielectric Grease is one of the inexpensive waterproofing measures for your electric scooter’s most critical and vulnerable parts. The best thing about using dielectric Grease is its versatility. You can apply them to any part of your electric scooter, from the motor to the battery.

The Grease acts as a waterproof sealant blocking our moisture and preventing corrosion—an ideal waterproofing option for people in regions that experience wet climate most of the year. And also for them looking to retire their electric scooter for the winter.

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Silicon To Waterproof Your Electric Scooter

Silicon serves as the waterproofing option for such spots for those hard-to-reach places. However, silicone cannot be used for parts of your electric scooter that need frequent access. Like your battery, for instance, because silicone is a form of sealant.

The best place to use them is the connectors and screws. For the application of Silicon, you will not have to take anything apart. Instead, you just use it to shut spaces and holes from where water or moisture can get in.

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Potting To Waterproof Components Of Your Electric Scooter

Potting is perhaps the most expensive among all the waterproofing measures and methods. And typically a waterproofing option for expensive high-end electric scooters.

Potting involves the process of encasing the components of your electric scooter in a waterproof resin. This process of waterproofing components may be expensive, but it is worth it as the most reliable measure of waterproofing.

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Electric scooters can be highly water-resistant, but no scooter is completely waterproof. They are not meant for wet weather, so it is always good to carry one or two waterproofing instruments in the form of a tape or a spray for emergencies.

Before applying any waterproofing measures, you should give your electric scooter a thorough cleaning and then complete drying. Cleaning and drying will ensure that no dirt or moisture gets trapped by the waterproofing agents, which over time leads to corrosion.

Taking good care of your electric scooter will prolong the life of all the components of the scooter and the scooter itself, which all comes down to you being able to enjoy your ride for a long period of timeless expense on your electric scooter’s maintenance.