How To Remove And Replace The Battery On An Electric Scooter?

The battery is more or less the heart of an electric scooter, and a healthy heart makes for a healthy body. However, given that the battery does not come cheap, it becomes essential that you take the required measures to sustain the battery life over a long time.

Electric scooters are quiet, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. No wonder the popularity of electric scooters is growing with each passing year. Despite all the benefits of electric scooters and electric vehicles, the disadvantage is that the batteries will require replacement when they break down or when their charge capacity begins to diminish.

To remove and replace the battery of your electric scooter, you can take it to a workshop or the service center of the manufacturing company. However, on the other hand, if you want to undertake the task of removing and replacing the battery yourself, you might find this article very helpful.

Removing And Replacing The Battery Of Your Electric Scooter

Removing your old battery and replacing or upgrading it with a new one is a simple and easy task. To undertake the takes, you will require the following basic tools –

  • A screwdriver.
  • An 8 mm wrench.
  • A 4 mm Allen wrench and
  • Pair of pliers with a needle nose.
Electric Scooter Battery Replacement
Electric Scooter Battery Replacement

The steps for replacing the battery involve –

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First Step

The first thing that you will have to do is remove your old battery. This involves removing the deck. So using the screwdriver, unscrew all the screws holding the deck. Make sure that you keep all the screws in one place, so there is confusion later on finding them. Now with the help of the 8mm Allen wrench, unbolt and remove the Allen bolts.

Second Step

To remove the old batteries from your electric scooter, remove the bar that holds the battery in its place. While removing the old battery, one thing to remember is that you will also have to remove the chords that attach the batteries together. To remove the chords, you will have to flip the battery.

Now it will be easier and more convenient to unplug the cables. There will be a big power plug that will require removing. To do so, just press on the clip, reach for the plugs and then pull them right back. To remove the two other pins that are placed low, use your pliers to remove them.

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Third Step

Once you have removed the old batteries of your electric scooter, replacing them with new ones is a pretty straightforward procedure. First, gently place the batteries in their compartment. The battery with the longer wire will go towards the rear end of your electric scooter. Then, using the pliers, plugin, all the cables together. Start by plugging in the cables at the bottom and moving towards the top.

While you are plugging in the cable, one thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the plastic covering of the plug should connect with the metal connectors. This connection of the plastic cover of the plug to the metal connector will reduce the chance of currents and electric shocks.

Fourth Step

The fourth and last step involves ensuring that all the wires, cables, and plugs are in place and properly plugged in. If all the settings look ok, then using your screwdriver, install the battery tie-down strap. Lastly, reinstall the deck in its former position putting all the screws in the original places.

Once you successfully remove your old battery and replace it with a new one, make sure you give a full charge to your new battery for at least 8 hours.

Different Kinds Of Batteries For Electric Scooters

The batteries used in electric scooters are mostly Lithium-Ion, Lithium Manganese, and Sealed Lead Acid batteries. The popular ones are the former two, as they are the most cost-effective and have a higher rate of performance.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Presently, lithium-ion batteries are the most widely used battery in all-electric vehicles. These batteries are more powerful and durable than most other batteries.

In fact, lithium-ion batteries are ten times more powerful than other batteries available on the market. Of course, they are more expensive too, but worth it.

A good battery provides consistent performance and also prolongs the life of the motor, the engine, and the electric scooter as a whole. The lithium battery does all this – provides consistent performance and prolongs the life of the scooter.

Electric Scooter
Electric Scooter

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Lithium Manganese

The reason why Lithium Manganese batteries are popular among electric scooters is that the battery is based on the safest chemicals that can be used to make a battery.

In addition, the presence of manganese in the battery reduces the amount of heat produced while the battery is functioning. Due to this characteristic feature of reducing heat, lithium manganese batteries are able to provide an output of high current at a relatively low temperature.

Lead-Acid Battery

Among all the different varieties of rechargeable batteries, the lead-acid battery is the oldest. In fact, this battery was the first rechargeable battery to be ever created.

The lead-acid battery was invented in the year 1859 by a French physicist the name of Gaston Plante. In comparisons to the other modern rechargeable batteries like the Lithium-ion and Lithium Manganese batteries, the lead-acid battery has a relatively low energy density.

In addition, its low cost and large power-to-weight ratio make the lead-acid battery highly attractive for use in motor vehicles.

How Does A Battery Function In An Electric Scooter?

When you are charging a battery, there is a transference of power into the battery. This power the battery saves in the form of energy.

A battery is a source of chemical current. Its generation of electricity and power is the result of a chemical reaction within the battery. The chemical reaction is between a positive and negative plate and electrolyte. Therefore, the chemical composition of the positive and the negative plates vary from one battery to another.

The battery emanates electrical power as soon as there is a creation of a circuit between the positive and the negative terminals. In an electric scooter, this circuit is created when there is a connection between the electric scooter and the battery.

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A Few Maintenance Tips For The Battery Of Your Electric Scooter

The battery and the engine, and the wheels form the most important trio of your electric scooter. The battery is the fuel on which your electric scooter runs.

Given the fact that it also is the most expensive part of your electric scooter, it is only natural that you take good care of your battery. To help you do so, here are a few tips for the proper maintenance of electric scooter batteries.

Hero Optima Electric E5
Hero Optima Electric E5

Keep your battery always charged

The first rule of thumb for proper maintenance of your electric scooter battery is to keep them always charged. Keeping the battery always charged implies avoiding the charge level of the battery to hit zero.

The minimum charge threshold for a battery is 15 percent. The ideal is between 30 percent to 40 percent which is practically in our daily life. So try to avoid going below 15 percent charge whenever possible.

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Do not overcharge your battery

The ideal charge level for lithium-ion batteries to ensure their longest life is between 65 percent to 75 percent. However, most experts and electric vehicle enthusiasts recommend always giving your electric scooter a charge.

While doing so, you remove the charging plug as soon as the charge level hits the 100 percent mark. Overcharging will cause the battery to heat, creating chemical chaos within the battery.

Battery charge cycles

Smaller charge cycles are better than long charging cycles. Charging the batteries of your electric scooter in a short cycle will help you keep track of the ideal charge range of the battery.

Charging batteries in short cycles also means you will not have to charge your battery right up to 100 percent from less than 15 percent charge, which is not good for the health of the battery.

All batteries come with a specific amount of charge cycles. The number represents the lifecycle of a battery. Over time the battery’s capacity to hold charge begins to diminish, and this is irreversible.

The most that can be done for the batteries is to reduce their rate of aging. So by following proper battery maintenance habits, you will be able to prolong the life of the batteries and maintain an optimal level of battery performance for a long time.

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Batteries, come with a lifetime of their own. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before you will have to replace your old battery with a new one. However, as reflected in this article, removing your old battery and replacing it with a new one is a simple task that you can undertake yourself.