How To Recharge Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are changing our world positively by their capacity to make emission-free mobility accessible to the general public. Here we give you complete information on how to recharge electric scooters.

You can charge an electric scooter by plugging it into a suitable charger if the home charging option is available or by recharging the electric scooter from a charging station.

In this era, electric mobility is the only sustainable option, which is catching up with the commuters fast due to the way they provide fast sustainable mobility for the buyer.

We hope after finding out more about the ease of recharging electric scooters, you’ll choose them to be your next emission-free ride.

How To Charge Electric Scooter?

The potential buyer might be wondering how to charge an electric scooter, is it affordable, can you charge it at home or is it reliable. We will answer all these questions in detail for you.

There are many ways to charge an electric scooter such as; you can charge your electric scooter at home or charge it at a charging station. Nowadays many electric scooter brands provide chargers with their electric scooters.

While buying an electric scooter you must also find out the various types of chargers electric scooters have and how the charging time varies between each scooter depending on the battery type, charger, and various other technical differences.

You must also consider the battery type of the scooter if it is a removable battery or not because it’ll affect the performance of the scooter.

How To Recharge Electric Scooter
How To Recharge Electric Scooter

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Electric Scooter Charging Station

Charging stations for electric vehicles are growing steadily all throughout the country right now, which is helping to make electric scooters more accessible and easy to use for buyers.

You can don’t have home charging facilities at your home then you can opt for this option since almost every major city is starting to have many electric vehicle charging points available to commuters.

The cost of charging at a charging station is very low to the point of being negligible, making electric scooters more and more affordable to buyers.

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Electric Scooter Charging At Home

Electric scooters can be charged at home very easily, you can refuel your electric scooter from the comfort of your home. Many electric scooters brands now provide home charging grids and chargers with their electric scooters.

Many people believe that charging an electric scooter at home will be costly and dangerous but that’s not true. You can charge your electric scooter at home without any fear of increasing your electricity bill by too much cost.

While charging electric scooters at home is easy and reliable, you should be cautiously charging your electric scooter, taking proper precautions, and using the correct charger.

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Electric Scooter Batteries

To properly gain knowledge about the charging aspect of electric scooters you must know more about the battery specifications of your scooter.

Only by finding out more about the batteries of electric scooters you can find the most efficient way of charging your electric scooter.

There are two most used electric scooter batteries which are; Lithium-Ion batteries and Lead Acid batteries. Each of these two batteries requires different charging options and different amounts of charging time.

Lithium-Ion batteries are fast charging with a charging time of 2-4 hours and in general, these batteries are also more powerful. Lead Acid batteries are less powerful and they take 6 to 8 hours to charge.

Here is a list of some of the well known electric scooters battery specifications;

Model NameBattery RatingBattery Type
 Hero Electric Flash LX (VRLA)48V / 20AhLithium-ion
Hero Electric Optima HX (Single Battery)51.2V / 30AhLithium-ion
 Hero Electric Flash LX48V / 20Ah (M01d)
51.2V/30Ah (M11a)
Lithium-ion (M11a)
Lead-acid (M01d)
Hero Electric Optima HX Dual battery51.2V / 30AhLithium-ion
Hero Electric Atria LX51.2V / 30AhLithium-ion
Ujaas eSpaNot AvailableLead-acid type
Battre One48V 30 AHLithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP)
Oreva Aarieyana24 V
39 V
Lead-acid type
Tunwal Alfa Pro60v 28/48AH
60v 26/32AH
Gel Battery
Advance Battery

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Electric Scooter Charging Time

Different electric scooters take different amounts of time to charge depending on various factors such as battery type, battery capacity, charger type, and more.

The charging time of the electric scooters is one of the most significant things to consider before buying an electric scooter. Most electric scooters can fall anywhere between 3-8 hours of charging time.

Depending on the type of battery, battery capacity, and some other significant things, the charging time can vary. Nowadays there are many electric scooters with highly evolved technology that only take about 2-3 hours of charging time and you can charge them at home too.

Here is the charging time of various popular electric scooters in India;

Model NameCharging TimeRange
 Hero Electric Flash LX (VRLA)8 hours to 10 hours85 km per charge
Hero Electric Optima HX (Single Battery)4 hours – 5 hours82 km per charge
 Hero Electric Flash LX4 hours – 5 hours50 km / charge (M01d)
85 km / charge (M11a)
Hero Electric Optima HX Dual battery4 hours – 5 hours122 km per charge
Hero Electric Atria LX4 hours – 5 hours85 km per charge
Ujaas eSpa6 hours to 7 hoursNot Available
Battre One2.5 Hours85 km per charge
Oreva Aarieyana8 Hours – 10 HoursNot available
Tunwal Alfa ProNot available55 km per charge

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Electric Scooter Charger

To efficiently manage your electric scooter you must know more about the charger specifications of your electric scooter, nowadays there are many electric scooter brands that provide you with chargers specifically made for your electric scooter.

With these all-new portable chargers, owning an electric scooter has become very efficient and cost-effective. Electric scooter chargers enable you to charge from home which is very cost-effective.

With removable electric scooter chargers, you can even charge them by taking them out of the vehicle.

Most of these electric scooter chargers don’t require any additional installation at your home and can be charged by plugging into the normal power socket.

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Electric Scooter Charging Cost

Electric scooters are not just sustainable but also cost-effective, because of their low recharging cost. They cost significantly less than petrol running scooters.

With the increasing price of petrol, electric scooters are the best option for anyone wanting an affordable option.

The best option for the buyer is to charge overnight at home, which won’t cost you at all.

And if you choose to charge your electric scooter at a charging station then the cost can vary depending on several factors such as the place you stay, your electric scooter’s battery type and range, and many other factors.

The average cost of charging an electric scooter can fall anywhere between Just Rs. 1 to Rs.30, which is significantly less than the petrol scooters available to you. With the price of petrol skyrocketing electric scooters are lifesavers for the average Indian consumer.

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Last Words

Electric scooters are slowly but surely taking over the market because of their sustainability and low maintenance cost. Many people are more and more curious about electric scooters and how to recharge them once they run out of charge.

Electric scooters are very easy to use and easy to recharge, and also they cost almost a negligible price for charging. With such a low cost of charging they provide you with an astounding mileage.

If you want an affordable and efficient ride then electric scooters are the way to go for you.