How To Lock An Electric Scooter?

You can always store your electric scooter inside the office if something doesn’t take up all the space if you ride it to work. A lock isn’t the only thing that can keep your electric scooter safe.

Even though sophisticated electric scooter locks provide a great level of security, some are nevertheless prone to be cut or damaged. As a result, locks do provide some security.

With a simple push scooter or lightweight electric cycle, putting it in a bag or carrying it with you is often the best option. With a more powerful scooter, this is not an option due to the weight. Some of the options include cable locks, bike chain locks, and motorbike locks.

You would have been thinking that locks are designed for notable mopeds or bicycles. But, their responsibility doesn’t end here. It is because they are also notably keeping the electric scooter secure. Whether you’re a first-time scooter user or an experienced e-scooter rider, Fortunately, you may choose from a range of security options.

Understanding how to correctly lock an electric scooter, on the other hand, can boost protection and make it even more difficult for aggressive thieves to take it. The instructions below will show you how to tie your e- scooter the right way.

Importance Of Locking An Electric Scooter

There are many models which come up with the function of anti-theft. But, you don’t have to expect their prevalence in every single scooter. An experienced crook doesn’t need much to steal an e – scooter.

Use a heavy-duty lock and chain to make it more difficult for them. The most important reason to lock your e – scooter is to avoid theft. Because scooters aren’t cheap, it’s wise to invest in locking mechanisms.

Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter Lock Types

The devices listed below are compatible with electric scooters. The type of electric scooter you have will decide what you require. When selecting an electric scooter lock, it is vital that you read the full information.


D-locks are also most certainly the safest type of electric bike lock. Some people refer to them as U-lock, but that really doesn’t matter if they’re the same thing.

These locks have a gold rating because they are composed of a robust steel chain that secures your motorbike when it is secured towards something firm, such as a bike stand.

These locks are tough to cut since criminals would require power equipment or powerful bolt cutters to do so. They may not be as convenient as a ring or wire lock, because they’re the best option for keeping your motor scooter secure.

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Cable Lock

A cable lock is the least expensive type of lock. They were designed to keep bicycles safe, but they may also be used to keep electric scooters secure.

Cable locks are thin enough to loop around the handlebars and secure in a bike stand or other suitable spot. Also, it is very notable that these wire locks are so small in size that you could easily fit them inside a purse.

Ring Lock

A ring lock is a form of electrical bike lock designed for scooters with exposed spoke wheels. These locks include a reinforced steel ring with a cable in the centre.

The cable stops the ring from rotating while it is locked, securing the handlebars of your electric bike. A ring lock with a Silver grade (1) is more safe and reliable than a conventional cable lock.

To provide even more protection, choose a ring lock with a plug-in capability. This method can be used to install a cable lock for added security.


E – scooter alarms are great for keeping your scooter secure although they are simple to activate and just require one button press. However, some sirens are very loud and respond to even the smallest motion of the scooter.

The gadget may be left on the bike at all times, and all you must do is push the keyring button, just like you would for automobile central locking.

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How To Secure An Electric Scooter

No lock can ensure that your e-scooter is not going to be stolen. If there is an existence of persistent thieves, you cannot stay sure that the locks can help. Thus, you need to keep some pro-based locking techniques that can make it almost difficult for the thieves to steal your electric scooter. Have a look at them below:

Electric Scooter

Consider Purchasing A Lock That Suits Your E – Scooter

After you’ve settled on the proper e-scooter for you, make sure you get an e-scooter lock that fits. Identify the suitable lock size by looking at your e-scooter to see if there are any securing points you may use to secure your e-scooter.

Securing points are the areas on your e-scooter in which the locks may be tied or inserted. This includes the e-scooter stem, handlebars, and any cracks or openings in the design of your e-scooter. Choose an e-scooter lock type that matches your locking points.

Find A Safe Place To Store Your E – Scooter

Make careful you place your e-scooter in a visible location. For instance, look for a bike stand or pole near a building entrance. A criminal would think twice about taking your e-scooter if you park it in a busy place.

After all, the criminal is in deep trouble of being caught. Additionally, avoid storing your e-scooter in locations where it will be hidden from view, such as a shady street either between two automobiles.

Always park it near a surveillance camera while leaving it in a parking garage so you may watch the film in the case of a theft.

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Fix The Motor Scooter With Something That Is Rigid

When parking, place your e-scooter next to a sturdy and fixed structure that cannot be readily cut or transported. This anchoring will keep any e-scooter from ever being stolen.

One of the most secure installations are a handlebar mount, an aluminium or metal post, a signpost, and a staircase railing. Because they are readily cut, metal railings and thin components should be avoided.

Secure Your Electric Scooter

This is a completely optional step. Choose an e – scooter cover to safeguard your e-scooter from theft when parked outside. As a consequence, your e-scooter will be less visible and more inconspicuous. It will also protect it from dirt and rain.

To Safeguard The Electric Scooter, Use The Securing Points

Make sure your electric scooter is in good working order. Using your favourite electric scooter lock, connect and lock your e-scooter securely against the attachment. Ensure that the chain lock is efficiently wrapped around the securing points. Make sure it’s firmly wrapped and there aren’t any holes. The ideal spot to fasten it is on the stem or folding mechanism of your e-scooter.

Always Secure Your E-scooter To A Sturdy Object

Having something sturdy with your electric scooter is going to give security to your scooter. You may have the nicest scooter locking in the world, but if you tether it to anything that is easily broken, it would be useless. Try moving the scooter before securing it to the bike stand or fencing to ensure it is stable.

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There are many high-end electric scooters which come up with many additional security measures. These include the anti-theft alarms and key to activate.

However, there is no guarantee that your scooter will be safe at all times. If you want your scooter to stay in its place, you would have to put in additional effort while locking it.

Ride safely, park appropriately, and enjoy yourself! If your scooter lacks any one of these characteristics, you can always buy a lock and discover how to secure your scooter properly.