How To Get Subsidy On Ola Electric Scooter?

Ola electric scooters are versatile and accessible and are helping to make electric scooters widespread all throughout India. The government of India is recognizing the role electric scooters play in helping the environment get pollution-free.

To get subsidies on Ola electric scooters all you need to do is find out the subsidy on electric vehicles in your state and claim the amount at the time of purchasing the vehicle.

With the growing air pollution in India, it has become increasingly necessary to act without delay to promote sustainable mobility for the daily commuter in India. Electric scooters are the way to a better and healthier society.

To promote the use of electric scooters in India many states offer subsidies to buyers when they are purchasing electric scooters. Here is your guide on how to get a subsidy on the Ola electric scooter.

Fame India Scheme

The Fame India Scheme is a new initiative by the government of India toward electric and hybrid vehicles. Through this initiative, the Indian government is trying to promote the replacement of harmful petrol vehicles with electric vehicles.

Under the Fame India Scheme, the government of India is promoting the use of electric vehicles by the general public and slowly and consistently trying to tilt the government towards the replacement of petrol vehicles.

With this scheme, it is expected to be pushed toward more sustainable living and environmental consciousness by people. This scheme has started in India in the year 2022 and due to its effectiveness has extended for 2 more years till the year 2024.

The Fame India Scheme is implemented in different ways in different states, the policies under this scheme vary based on your location and electric vehicle type.

Various steps have been taken under this scheme to help with pollution in India. New policies are introduced to promote the use of not just electric vehicles for individual use, but also electric buses and such. With this initiative, the future of electric vehicles is looking promising.

How To Get Subsidy On Ola Electric Scooter?
How To Get Subsidy On Ola Electric Scooter?

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Do We Get Subsidies On Electric Scooters In India?

The Indian daily commuters’ main source of travel is in the form of petrol vehicles, despite the slowly increasing popularity of electric scooters they are nowhere near the widespread use of petrol vehicles.

Since the people of India have been using petrol vehicles for a long time it is quite difficult for them to suddenly switch to electric vehicles since they are still not sure about the effectiveness of electric scooters.

Even when people recognize the effectiveness of electric scooters they are hesitant to switch to electric scooters since switching to an electric scooter will mean getting rid of their trusted petrol vehicle for years.

The government of various states of India recognizes the necessity of switching to electric scooters as fast as possible, to encourage people to make this change they have come up with various lucrative benefits to offer to the buyers, one of which is subsidies for buying electric scooters.

Subsidies can differ from state to state and the type of your electric vehicle, but it’ll be somewhere around 10-15 % of the price of your electric scooter. An offer like this will be very encouraging to people to adopt electric scooters in their daily life.

This is a new policy in Indian states that’s been taken up by some of the biggest states of India but there are still many states throughout the country that need to adopt this new innovative law.

So before buying an electric scooter you should find out more about the availability of subsidies in the place you reside in.

Here are the details of subsidies available in various Indian states;

StateSubsidies (Per kWh of battery capacity)Maximum Subsidies
Uttar PradeshRs. 5,000Rs. 30,000
AssamRs. 10,000Rs. 20,000
BiharRs. 10,000Rs. 20,000
West BengalRs. 10,000Rs. 20,000
RajasthanRs 2,500Rs 10,000
OdishaNoRs. 5,000
MaharashtraRs 5,000Rs 25,000
MeghalayaRs. 10,000Rs. 20,000
GujaratRs. 10,000Rs. 20,000

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How To Claim Subsidies On Electric Scooters

Now that we have covered all the information regarding the subsidies on electric scooters you might want to know how actually should we go about getting the subsidies. It’s a simple process and we’ll explain the process to you in complete detail.

At the time of purchasing the vehicle makes sure to find out detailed information about the rate of subsidy on electric vehicles in your state and claim the amount you are owed.

Subsidies On Ola Electric Scooter

Ola Subsidies
Ola Subsidies

Ola scooters are quickly gaining popularity among commuters interested in electric vehicles, with the great features and specifications these scooters have to offer it is no wonder that Ola is becoming one of the biggest selling electric scooters in India.

Various states of India have started offering subsidies on electric scooters to help combat pollution and If you plan on buying Ola electric scooter then it might be beneficial for you to consider the subsidies available to you on this electric scooter.

The subsidies on Ola electric scooter can vary based on your location, type of vehicle, etc. so you need to be aware of these while buying the Ola electric scooter.

The subsidies on Ola are just like any other electric scooter, so when you buy the Ola electric scooter you’ll receive the amount of subsidy previously mentioned.

Here is the detailed information on subsidies amount on Ola electric scooters in various states of India;

StateOla Subsidies (Per kWh of battery capacity)Ola S1 PriceOla S1 Pro Price
KeralaNoRs. 99,999Rs. 1,29,999
Uttar PradeshRs. 5,000Rs. 94,999Rs. 1,24,999
KarnatakaNoRs. 99,999Rs. 1,29,999
AssamRs. 10,000Rs. 89,999Rs. 1,19,999
BiharRs. 10,000Rs. 89,999Rs. 1,19,999
West BengalRs. 10,000Rs. 89,999Rs. 1,19,999
RajasthanRs 2,500Rs 87,468Rs. 1,27,499
OdishaRs. 5,000Rs. 94,999Rs. 1,24,999
MaharashtraRs 5,000Rs. 94,999Rs. 1,24,999
MeghalayaRs. 10,000Rs. 89,999Rs. 1,19,999
GujaratRs. 10,000Rs. 69,999Rs. 99,999

As you can see, because of the subsidies available on the Ola electric scooters how much the prices can vary from state to state.

Gujarat is one of the states which offer the most subsidies amount on electric vehicles and as it is evident from the table above, Ola is the cheapest in this state.

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Final Words

Ola electric scooters are one of the highest-selling electric scooters in India and they offer some of the best features and specifications among all other electric scooters brands.

Despite their growing popularity buyers are still hesitant to switch to electric scooters, for this reason, various states of India have started offering benefits like subsidies on the purchase of electric vehicles.

Here we have covered the whole topic in great detail and hope our guide to subsidies on Ola electric scooters will be helpful to you.