How To Get Ola Electric Scooter Dealership?

Ola electric scooters are a brand of electric scooters, that is constantly growing and thriving in India, due to the great scooters they have to offer. Ola has now become one of the most trusted brands in India.

To get the Ola dealership you need to go to their official website and fill in your relevant information for the dealership form and follow the instructions accordingly.

People are attracted to Ola electric scooters for the next-generation technologies that they offer to buyers with great design and affordable prices. The popularity of Ola is unmatched by any other electric scooter available in the market.

With the constant growth of electric scooters in India, electric scooter dealerships have become more and more lucrative. If you are wondering about the amazing Ola electric scooter dealership opportunity open to you, then our detailed review of it will be helpful to you.

Why Should You Get Ola Electric Scooter Dealership?

How To Get Ola Electric Scooter Dealership
How To Get Ola Electric Scooter Dealership

Before we venture into the various ways that you can get the Ola electric scooter dealership first let us understand why should you get a dealership from Ola and how it’s going to benefit you. You should also consider if this dealership opportunity has any major disadvantages for you.

Also, one other thing to consider before getting into it, is if the process of starting a dealership is convenient for you or not and if Ola as a brand is suitable for this or if you should consider some other electric scooter company to start out with.

To determine the way you should go about getting this dealership started you must take into account if you have any prior knowledge regarding this, do you have any working experience or familiarity with this sector and subject matter. Once you sort these issues out you are ready to take the necessary steps for getting the dealership.

You also must know if Ola electric scooter is the right company for you to start your dealership in, if Ola is profitable, and if the brand has longevity since starting a dealership is a major decision that will impact your life significantly and this decision must not be taken lightly.

Just like buying the Ola electric vehicles, getting a dealership for ola is effortless and will be done in no time and ultimately be profitable to you. We are here to answer all of your queries about the Ola electric scooter dealership.

Ola’s constant and steady growth makes this electric scooter brand a good choice for anyone looking to start dealerships. Ola electric scooters have proved to be profitable and you won’t have to be worried about the security of starting a dealership with an Ola electric scooter.

If you are completely new to the electric scooter sector and have no prior experience with vehicle dealership businesses and are afraid of the complex processes and formalities of opening a dealership then Ola is very good for you since getting a dealership for Ola is very easy and hassle-free.

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How To Apply For Ola Electric Scooter Dealership?

The sudden growth of electric scooters in India is something of a curious phenomenon. In just the span of a few years, electric scooters from just being viewed as experimental have gone to be actually perceived as useful and even a replacement for regular petrol scooters.

This shift in perspective has been more apparent in the last 2 years, with not just growth in electric vehicles but also massive growth in the utilities associated with them.

We have seen a constant growth of charging stations and electric scooters dealerships. So we know that electric scooters are not just a passing and temporary fad but they are here to stay for the long term.

The huge popularity of Ola scooters has got many people interested in investing in them, you can capitalize on Ola electric scooters’ popularity by opening a dealership for Ola.

There are various ways for you to go about it and here we’ll give you a detailed guide on opening an Ola dealership. Ola electric scooter dealership can be applied for online and the various processes can be done online from the comfort of your home.

Just like buying the Ola electric vehicles, getting a dealership for ola is effortless and will be done in no time and ultimately be profitable to you.

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How To Apply Online For Ola Electric Scooter?

Yes, you can apply for the Ola electric scooter dealership from the comfort of your home and in a completely hassle-free way. In today’s world where so much can be done online, it is absurd that so much of the dealerships and buying of vehicles are still not done online.

Ola has come up to change this system with the way it sells its electric scooters. Right now Ola is completely reliant on the online mode of selling its scooters but has been trying to expand its reach by offering dealership opportunities in various cities around the country.

A lot of information regarding Ola electric scooters and Ola dealerships is very readily available online, which is very helpful. You can get all the information necessary for the opening of the dealership from simple internet research.

Here is the detailed step by step guide for how to open Ola electric scooter dealership in India;

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Ola Electric Scooter Dealership Form

To apply for the Ola electric scooter dealership you need to go to the official dealership website of Ola and click the Apply Dealership button, from there you will be redirected to the official form for the dealership.

There you’ll find a detailed form with various required information such as;

  • Email Id
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Adhar Number
  • Phone Number
  • State
  • The city you want the dealership to be
  • Company Name
  • Investment Range
  • Preference between dealership or charging station

After filling up these details you need to submit the form and wait for the Ola team to reach out to you. When they reach out you can discuss important details such as cost, location, eligibility, etc. with them and make your decision accordingly.

Ola’s interest in starting a dealership is relatively new and has been picking up since last year due to the growing demand for this electric scooter, so this dealership opportunity if you get it will be significantly profitable for you.

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Ola Electric Scooter Dealership Cost

The Ola electric scooter dealership cost is very relative to your specific circumstances and the needs of your own particular dealerships and the profitability might depend largely on the amount of cost you choose to bear.

Starting a dealership is a very costly affair and this decision must not be taken lightly by you. Ola electric scooters are thriving in the market right now and if you choose to invest in this venture then it can be quite profitable for you and the costs can be minimal with the proper planning.

Ola electric scooter dealership cost will largely depend on factors such as your location, the size of your dealership, and many more individual factors like these ones.

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Ola Electric Scooter Dealership Contact Number

If you have some specific questions that you need to be answered for making your dealership decision or questions regarding the electric scooter models then you can contact them on their helpline number: +918584022130

Or you can write to their official email address You can contact them anytime from Monday to Saturday between 9 am to 5 pm and expect to get your queries answered.

Is Ola Electric Scooter Dealership Profitable?

Over the last few years, ola has become one of the leading brands of electric scooters and to most people, Ola electric scooters are the quintessential electric scooter. With this rising demand for Ola electric scooters, you need not worry about the profitability of the Ola dealership.

Ola has managed to keep its place as the leading electric scooter brand in India without even starting any dealerships around India and now with its new venture towards dealership opportunities, Ola electric scooters will remain ever more profitable.

Ola electric scooters’ approach is new and fresh thus it has a good chance of turning out to be successful.

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Ola Electric Scooter Sales Record

Ola electric scooters are turning out great products and the consumers are loving them, as of September 2021 Ola electric scooters made a record by selling more than Rs 1,100 crores.

This astounding amount of sales has led many people to say that Ola is on the path to becoming the most profitable electric scooter brand in India.


Electric scooters are one of the most thriving business opportunities in India right now, with electric scooters you can aspire to create a profitable enterprise while still being able to make a sustainable world.

Ola electric scooters offer sustainable, hassle-free, and highly profitable options for anyone looking to start out in electric scooter dealerships. With the dealership of Ola electric scooters, you can create something which is an attractive business opportunity.

We hope our guide on Ola electric scooter dealership will be helpful to you on your path to making electric scooters more accessible to the general public.

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