How To Charge Electric Scooter At Home?

Electric scooters are gaining popularity slowly and gradually, probably the most comfortable and convenient invention. They are plug-in electric vehicles with two or three wheels. They are battery-operated mobiles, and the electricity is stored on board in a rechargeable battery.

One can notice a gradual shift to e-mobility in the country due to recent developments and awareness. People are starting to see the importance of switching to electricity and the benefits that come with the switch. There, however, remains some level of hesitation on the part of society to be confident about this change fully.

This hesitation arises from the lack of awareness and knowledge and hence is hindering the progress of e-mobility. Electric scooters are one of the most widely used vehicles because they are more convenient, suitable for teenagers and older gens, and are a quicker mode of transportation. In addition, it is easier to skip the traffic on a two-wheeler as compared to a car.

How To Charge Electric Scooter At Home
Bounce electric scooters

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It is equally easy to charge it as it is to ride an electric scooter. Yes, you can charge your electric scooters from the convenience of your home in just a few simple steps. Below mentioned are the steps to charge your electric scooter at home :

  • It is advised to keep a gap of at least 15 mins between riding and charging your electric scooter.
  • Switch your electric scooter off.
  • Plug whichever charger came with your electric scooter into the wall. Connect it to your electric scooter and turn the charging on.
  • Your electric scooter will now start charging. It probably will be depicted by a red or green light. The battery might heat up while charging, but there is nothing to worry about. It is entirely normal.
  • Once your electric scooter is fully charged, turn the charging off. Disconnect the charger from your electric scooter first and then from the wall.

Voila! Your e-scooter is fully charged. However, there are still some essential things to be kept in mind.

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If you have got a new electric scooter, the primary thing to learn is how to charge it in a way that is correct and helps upkeep the battery life of the scooter. There are a few do’s and don’ts which are worth considering while charging your electric scooter:

  • You should not let your battery run too low before you charge it. The reason behind this is simple. Lithium batteries do not perform at their very best when they are not charged enough.
  • One should aim to keep their battery percentage around 30% at all times. If one uses the e-scooter with a lower battery level, the chances are that the battery will exhaust at a faster rate and depreciate the battery life.
  • There should be a considerable gap between riding and charging your electric scooter. It is crucial to keep in mind that the battery heats up while riding. If you charge the battery instantly after the ride, it will heat up even more, and chances are that the cells inside it might get damaged. Leaving a gap of 15 minutes will give the battery time to cool down to room temperature.
  • Like cars, it is recommended to fully charge your battery every 2-3 months even if you are not using it. This can help in keeping the battery active and maintaining its condition.
  • As mentioned above, it is essential to wait for 15 mins after riding your e-scooter before charging it. The other way round is equally essential. It is again suggested to wait for 15 mins once the scooter is fully charged before taking it out for a ride. This gives the battery plenty of time to cool down and be ready for the ride.
  • Depending upon the battery and model of the e-scooter, the average time taken to charge up the battery entirely is between 2 to 4 hours.
  • It is always advised to clean your e-scooter as soon as possible after a ride to prevent damage to specific components. Before cleaning, ensure that the scooter is turned off and not connected to the charger. If connected, disconnect it immediately and close the rubber flap to prevent water from going inside it. Otherwise, it may permanently damage the scooter’s circuit and even hurt you.
  • Leaving your electric scooter with a significantly discharged battery can have downhill consequences. It is not advised to store your e-scooter for long without charging it.
  • Leaving your electric scooter out in the cold or scorching heat is strictly advised.
  • Proper and regular maintenance can increase the longevity of your possession. You can do so by cleaning it regularly, keeping tires pressurized, changing worn-out tires, checking brakes, making sure that the wheels are spinning unobstructed, replacing the grip handles from time to time, and last, taking your e-scooter to a mechanic or manufacturer runs.
  • It is recommended to ride your electric scooters on flat surfaces like asphalt, paths, sidewalks, etc. Not doing so could harm the tires permanently.
  • You must follow safety and road rules while riding your e-scooter because health and safety are above everything.
How To Charge Electric Scooter At Home
An electric scooter

With that being said, electric scooters should last years. After that, it only depends on how you take care of it and how well you maintain it.

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Listed below is a comparison between different electric scooters based on their pricing and battery life.

 ATHER 450XINR 1.35 LACS2.61 kWh lithium-ion battery80 kmph70 KM
 BAJAJ CHETAKINR 1.15 LACS3 kWh lithium-ion battery70 kmph85 KM
 TVS iQubeINR 1.15 LACS2.25 kWh lithium-ion battery78 kmph75 KM
 OKINAWA I-PRAISEINR 1.08 LACS3.3 kWh lithium-ion battery58-75 kmph139 KM
 HERO ELECTRIC OPTIMA ERINR 7464051.2V/30Ah lithium-ion battery42 kmph122 KM

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Electric scooters should be our today to hope for a better tomorrow. We all have spent our whole lives driving fuel-operated automobiles, but change is the course of nature, and it is inevitable.

One must keep evolving; else, they will be left far behind. So let us all join hands to switch to electric vehicles; even if it feels a tad uncomfortable at first, you will surely get the hang of it. You can start with electric scooters as they are low investment than electric cars and probably easier to get used to.

Electric scooters are cheap, sustainable, better for the planet, and easy to charge, even from the comfort of your home. What more can one ask for? Buy an electric scooter today and get, set, and ride!