Flio electric scooters – your ultimate guide to its specifications, price, range, etc.

Developed by ‘Ozotec – innovation to serve society‘, Flio electric scooters have been gaining popularity in India in the past few years.

Found in 2002, Ozotec strives to develop innovative, customer-friendly products.

With the aim to make people’s lives easier in a sustainable way, Ozotec has contributed significantly to helping people of different backgrounds, especially the ones belonging to the weaving sector.

Along similar lines, their latest initiative, Flio electric scooters are driven by the motto, “reducing the expenses is equivalent to Increasing the income” by founder-president Mr.K.Barathan.

Flio electric scooters were developed after the founder noticed the huge amounts of investments (nearly 4 – 5 lakhs) that went into fuel expenses, as the majority of Indians use two-wheelers.

Since then, he pledged to reduce this issue, by venturing into electric vehicles and considering it as a feasible option, and hence, Flio electric scooters were found.

Flio electric scooters

Headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu Flio electric scooters are popular among South Indians but are slowly gaining popularity across the country.

With the tagline – ‘your friendly scooter’ , this scooter strives to make it as customer-friendly as possible with its loaded comfort and safety features.

Flio electric scooters price
Flio electric scooters price

This article aims to give you the complete picture of the specifications, features, range, mileage, accessories, price, and much more about Flio electric scooters.

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Features of Flio electric scooter

Flio electric scooters were developed keeping in mind the shortcomings that currently persist in other electric scooters in the market.

Ozotec strived to develop an electric scooter that would address shortcomings like durability, usability, and a considerable load-carrying capacity.

Flio electric scooters take pride in calling themselves a “people-friendly” scooters because of their high-tech features and convenience.

Some of the notable features of Flio electric scooters that make it such a are

  • Dual disk brakes – scooters are often prone to unfortunate accidents. With the help of a pair of front and rear dual disk brakes, the chances of accidents come down significantly.
  • Keyless entry – Flio electric scooters come equipped with high-tech remote keyless entry and unlock themselves from a distance in just a matter of seconds.
  • LED projectors or headlamps – To make your rides convenient even during night times, these electric scooters have powerful headlamps to brighten up your rides!
  • Sophisticated suspensions – To make your rides smooth, even in the presence of potholes and bumpy roads and make your scooter last longer and gives you more control
  • Comfortable, big seats – Flio electric scooters come with luxurious seats that provide the utmost comfort to the customer and their family! These seats will prevent all kinds of back pain and provide you with the best riding experience.
  • Alloy wheels – Make your electric scooter stand out with the stylish yet elegant alloy wheels that will make your rides more fun and pleasurable at the same time.
  • Spacious leg room – Flio electric scooters come with amazing legroom that allows its users to drive more comfortably.
  • High load-carrying capacity – these electric scooters have a great carrying capacity that lets the customers carry heavy items with ease.
Flio electric scooters features
Flio electric scooters features

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Flio electric scooters specs

Being 100% emission-free and completely electric, these scooters come with an array of amazing features that make it so unique, helpful, and friendly to their users.

Some of the important specifications of Flio electric scooters that are worth considering are:

Range100 km / h
Mileage100 plus kilometers per charge
Charging time20% – 80% only in 35 minutes
Driving license requirementNot required
Seat storage capacity19 liters
Battery life15 plus years (which is 10 times Life compared to Lead Acid Batteries and 3 times Life compared to Li-ion Batteries)
Brakes04 front and rear dual disk brakes
SuspensionsFront and rear suspensions are available
TiresTubeless tires
Ground clearance160 millimeters
Warranty6 years or 1, 00,000 KM
Flio electric scooters booking
Flio electric scooters booking

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Flio electric scooters price

The ex-showroom price and the on-road price is not yet available.

Kindly head over to the website for any further updates on the price.

Flio electric scooters accessories

One of the strongest points of these electric scooters is the wide variety of accessories it comes with them makes it such an attractive option for customers.

These accessories are specifically designed to provide the users with a feeling of both safety and comfort and add to the eloquent appearance of the scooter.

Check out some of the head-turning accessories of Flio electric scooters that you should definitely keep in mind!

  • USB Charger for charging of mobile phones anywhere, any anytime, even while driving! It lets you stay in touch with your friends, family, or colleagues and allows you to make any important call without interruption.
  • Digital speedometer – for having much greater control of your vehicle while comfortably assessing your speed alongside.
  • Remote security system – for securing your electric scooter completely and protecting it from theft. This security system unlocks the scooter without even using a key, at a distance and locks it again when required.
  • Smart locking system – Flio electric scooters come equipped with a high-tech three-in-one locking system for the extra security that your scooter needs!
  • Soft suspensions – these electric scooters come with a pair of front and rear suspensions to give the customers a bump-free ride.
  • Powerful and effective LED projector and headlights – To make your night rids more pleasurable and tension-free, Flio comes with powerful LED projectors and headlights to avoid any mishaps during riding.
  • Superior battery with patented technology – With “IP Rated Water & Dustproof battery pack” and highly effective batteries, compared to lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries.
  • Powerful disc brakes – Flio electric scooters come equipped with dual disc brakes – front and rear for a smoother ride, which lets you control the vehicle with minimal force.
  • Voluminous storage capacity – These electric scooters come with a 19 liters capacity which suffices to store anything from a helmet to everyday groceries.
flio electric scooters specifications
flio electric scooters specifications

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Flio electric scooters mileage

Flio electric scooters provide a top mileage of 180 km per charge and an average mileage of 100 km per charge.

Flio electric scooters battery life

The battery life of these electric scooters is more than 15 years.

Flio electric scooters battery charging time

The charging time of the battery of Flio electric scooter is 20% – 80% in only a matter of 35 minutes. Its ultra-fast charging capacity makes it an exciting option.

Its quick charging capacity is one of the strongest aspects of this scooter, coupled with the waterproof batteries that it comes with!

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Flio electric scooters charging points

Ozotec automobiles have planned to establish a charging point every 10 kilometers.

Currently, the plans are being laid down and the process of the establishment will begin shortly.

Flio electric scooters range

Flio electric scooters provide a range of about 100 kilometers

Flio electric scooters colors

At present, Flio electric scooters are available only in elegant white color.

For further updates, check out their official website

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Flio electric scooters delivery time

The exact delivery time of these electric scooters is not known.

However, it is safe to assume a minimum time of three weeks but it may extend depending on the availability of the scooters and the place of delivery.

Flio electric scooters driving license requirement

Being a low-speed electric scooters, Flio electric scooters do not require a driving license.

Because of this, it makes it a very good option for begineers.

Flio electric scooters warranty

Flio electric scooters provide a warranty of 6 years for their batteries or till 1,00,000 km.

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Flio electric scooters test drive

Test driving a vehicle before purchasing is an important step that customers might need to do in order to decide properly if the scooter meets their requirements and needs.

Customers who want the avail the benefits of test-driving Flio electric scooters can do so by getting in touch with Ozotec automobile.

First, they would need to visit the official website, and then click on the option of ‘test drives’.

There you would need to fill in the basic details like your name, phone number, email address and even have the option of writing a message.

Then you can submit the form after which the executives from the company would contact you shortly.

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Flio electric scooters agencies

The network of these electric scooters is spread throughout South India.

Below we have mentioned the names, addresses, and phone numbers of some of its agencies for you to have a look at!

  • Sri Kadaieswarar Agencies – Contact number: 978 623 4646, 978 615 4646
  • Sri Sai Ram Electric Scooters – Contact number: 861 041 4014
  • SRJ Agencies – Contact number: 9952165165, 950 056 0565
  • Galvanic Electro Motors – Contact number: 951 448 4435, 951 448 4436, 951 448 4437
  • Subam agency – Contact number : 989 427 1570, 994 289 0550
  • Bhavani E-Bikes – Contact number: 975 183 6366, 975 193 6366
  • Indus Automation -. Contact number : 909 506 3211, 909 506 3212

For more information about its agencies and networks, feel free to visit the official website of Flio electric scooters.

flio electric scooters availability
flio electric scooters availability

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Flio electric scooters dealership

Flio electric scooters are currently open to taking dealerships.

If you are someone who is interested in becoming a dealer for Flio electric scooters, then you would need to submit an online form through the official website of Flio electric scooters.

In order to do so, you would simply need to click on the ‘dealership’ tab in the website, and fill in your basic details like name, phone number, valid email id, address to be used for communication, dealership address, and a brief about your company (maximum 1000 words).

Additionally, you would also need to submit a profile of your company (maximum 5 MB) and then click on “submit form”.

You would then shortly hear from the executives of the company.

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Flio electric scooters – contact details

The company is very responsive to its customer’s and potential customers’ queries and doubts.

There are many ways to contact the officials at Flio electric scooters –

Customer care number: +91 9943755556

Mail id: enquiry@ozotecautomobile.com, sales@ozotecautomobile.com

Customers can contact them through any of the above-mentioned ways from Monday to Saturday, between the timings 9 am – 10 pm and they will be attended to, shortly.

Flio electric scooters – social media presence

Having a strong social media presence can be extremely important for the success of a business.

Flio electric scooters have a good social media presence that helps it connect with a wide audience across the country.

Check out their accounts on some of the popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ozotecautomobile
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flio_ev/
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0S9le_Eqj9GQ7r0Hqmua_A

Flio electric scooters users review

  • E – wheeler’s review of flio electric scooters –

Final word

Flio electric scooters as evident are loaded with the latest technology and comfort features.

Although its popularity is more prominent in South India, it is slowly gaining momentum across India.

With an amazing mileage and battery capacity, it is definitely a great electric scooter that you could consider for your next purchase.

We hope that this article has been useful for you!

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