Fisker electric car in India by July 2023

The Fisker electric car company made its India debut in 2019. But due to covid, they didn’t launch their vehicle. Now they have announced that they will launch their first electric car in 2023.

I particularly adored Fisker’s car looks as an EV enthusiast. I looked at all of their press releases with interest. Here’s what I have found.

The company was been founded by Henrik Fisker, who is also the designer of the Aston Martin DB9 and Vantage. The Fisker electric car will be manufactured in India by Hindustan Motors.

Fisker an American EV manufacturer is on its way to launching its EV in India and plans a manufacturing hub in India too. They set up their headquarters for their starting phase operations in Hyderabad, India. Under the name of Fisker Vigyan India Pvt ltd they registered.

Fisker EV
Fisker EV

Hyderabad of India will be their technical hub which they will use to study India’s future demand and needs in the EV sector.

For a start, they were hiring people for data analysis, business analysis, virtual vehicle testing, and machine learning. Software development kind of work will be done.

Fisker’s plan for India and the South Asian market

Henrik Fisker CEO & Chairman, of Fisker Inc, sees a golden opportunity in the EV sector around the world and a big consumer like India.

They have an analysis that EV has expositional growth in the coming 2-3years. this is the right time to maintain a foot in this competitive market.

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First Showroom in India

  • Fisker disclosed that they will open their 1st showroom in Delhi NCR within a few months.
  • The Ocean electric-powered SUV can be the organization’s first product in India, and deliveries are predicted to start in July 2023.
Fisker electric car
Fisker electric car

Fisker Introductory Price in India

The base model will be priced at ₹ 60.00 Lakh and will be Ex-Showroom for the first lot in Delhi NCR. Its premium version of the Fisker electric car is priced at Rs 1.5 crore (ex-showroom) in India.

Fisker plan for India 2025

  • They aim to get at least 3 to 4 EVs in the Indian market by 2025.
  • They even partnered with global manufacturers like Magna and Foxconn.
  • They plan to provide high-class luxury cars with loaded digital technology.
  • Ocean EV and PEAR EV are two models that will enter India.
  • And very affordable rates so that they can space among limited-budget customers.
  • Fisker additionally plans to set up a manufacturing hub in India with an investment of around USD seven hundred million.
  • Henrik Fisker, Chairman, and CEO, of Fisker Inc., found out that the manufacturing plant ought to have a year manufacturing ability of around 50,000 gadgets.
  • He also confirmed that the enterprise is exploring a joint venture direction.

Their model and pricing choice are very much different from others so their EV will be in the affordable premium section rather than the costly luxury section.

They were already getting reservations from India for their ocean model as it will sell in the USA and then ship to India.

Fisker electric car in India
Fisker electric car in India

Fisker achievement

  • Received over 60,000 bookings for the ocean electric powered.
  • SUVs globally, a few of which can be from India as nicely.
  • In the meantime, the firm has joined arms with manufacturing massive Foxconn.
  • To co-expand and manufacture a mass-market electric-powered automobile for the task PEAR (personal electric-powered automotive Evolution).
  • It’s going to sell this automobile in Europe, North the USA, India, and China.

The First Fisker EV car will be on Indian roads by 2023. As it will be an imported vehicle so it won’t be a budget car due to duties and taxes.

So they plan to set up either a complete manufacturing unit or an assembly unit for the start so that they can deliver premium cars at affordable rates.

As the Asian market was always keen on high-tech current or future tempting products instead of wire phones.

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We switch towards mobile phones faster so our transition from fossil fuel vehicles into EVs will be fast and more efficient.

Fisker Automotive
Fisker Automotive

Fisker got approached by a lot of Indian firms to partner with and they are analyzing them thoroughly as they also plan to set up manufacturing with locals.

This way they will work more efficiently with less burden of management. As they plan to produce around 50k EVs in India.

Fisker Electric Car plan in India

Warranty4 Years
Booking Online through app
Expected Range400 km to 600 km on a single charge
Top speed150 km/h to 200km/h
Launching 2nd half of 2023 and 4 EVs by 2025
Per year production plan50k to 70k approx
Subsidy Available
Expected PriceRs.60 lakhs
First availableDelhi NCR


The EV sector is expanding quickly, and soon everyone will be driving EVs exclusively. Companies continually improve their products to stand out in the marketplace. Let us see where we wind up at the end of this technological fight.

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