India’s Fastest Charging Network – BOLT

BOLT is a new startup that focuses on making a decentralized EV charging station network across India. The company came into existence in 2017 by both Mohit Yadav and Jyotiranjan Harichandan to make their dream come true by building India’s fastest charging network.

As an owner of an electric car, I desire an easy way to charge my vehicle at a low cost, which is where BOLT comes in.

They started to build an ecosystem where every person can have the EV of their dreams and charge it without any hassle.

charging station of bolt
The charging station of the bolt

Future of Charging Network in India

  • Various companies in India are developing a chain of networks where different kinds of electric vehicles can get charged at very low costs.
  • Most of them have a target that 0.10 paisa per km to 0.25 per km cost.
  • With low cost, they even want this charging network should be fast enough to charge electric vehicles
  • Within an hour for the start but soon their final target is to charge a vehicle within 1 to 5 mins.
  • Some states like Maharashtra and Karnataka & some companies like HPCL have already done different collaborations
  • With different companies regarding electric vehicle charging networks and battery-swappable facilities.

BOLT Vision | BOLT Aim | BOLT Plan

First, they will integrate all two and three-wheel electric vehicles with IoT solutions to make them smarter, safer, and more connected than ever.

Their primary motto is to build the Fastest Charging Network nationwide. By accomplishing this, they have built up a solid reputation and a strong position in the market.

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Cost of BOLT Charger

Earlier, during its introductory period this device of Rs.2599 to Rs 4599

BOLT charging station

India’s Largest EV Tech Company BOLT

  • Even though their vision is to become not just for India as well as for the whole of South Asia’s big tech firms in ev.
  • Till now they had installed over 10,000 charging points across 300 different cities in India.
  • They are providing services to over 50,000 active monthly users and have an installed capacity of over 33,000 KW.

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Accessibility to Citizens Easily

EVs will accessible only when people can charge them at any place where they travel just like they refuel their petrol or diesel vehicle. So to do that a proper ecosystem will be made in every place including remote locations.

As the price of fossil fuels is rising day by day people want an alternative. So BOLT will give them one of the best charging networks which will be cheaper and better than others.

Bolt charging network
BOLT charging network

Affordable charging at the BOLT ecosystem

  • The reason people want to switch towards EV is due to the low cost of electricity than petrol or diesel.
  • To charge a vehicle to run 100 km is less than refueling it to reach the same distance.
  • They have already started to build an ecosystem where charging points are easily available.
  • You can find the charging point through an app.

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Charging station easy installation

  • Above all BOLT engineers claim that they can set up a charging station for you in less than 30 minutes.
  • Installation is easy and is derived with an electricity calculator so that you can display your intake.
  • Their stations can run on domestic AC connections, debunking the myth that infrastructure for EVs is pricey and impractical.
  • BOLT gives you access to passive earnings for a lifetime at your fingertips.
operating system of Bolt
The operating system of Bolt

The operating system of BOLT

BOLT is making great efforts to reduce the fear of range anxiety among EV drivers with a fast, smart, and safe way to charge your EV.

Its OS offers a modular, configurable, and patent-pending device that has the power to transform the atmosphere of an electric vehicle into a safe, reliable, and intelligent mode of transport.

BOLT OS can be seamlessly integrated into major OEM electric vehicle manufacturing approaches to shorten time-to-market.

Why OS of BOLT easy to use?

  • Revamp your vehicle: Safe, Smart, and Connected
  • Easy integration
  • Smart mobile applications
  • Live updates
  • Data to the cloud
  • Explore the IoT world


  • The virtual speedometer on the app
  • Trip playback
  • Live vehicle parameters monitoring
  • Advanced vehicle diagnostics and control
  • Vehicle and user analytics infographics
  • Rental module
  • Child speed lock
  • Geofencing
  • Integration capability with all major EV controllers and telematic devices
  • V2C AND C2V Connectivity
Bolt charging network installations
BOLT charging network installations

Easy EV Charging Installation


  • Unbox and unscrew the device.
  • Mount the device to the wall.
  • Get the poster and place it above the device.
  • Place the QR code onto the poster.


You had three wires to connect Red will be the phase wire, Black is neutral and Yellow placed as earthing.


  • Open BOLT app
  • Go to the “My Chargers,”
  • Click on the “Plus” sign
  • Scan the QR code
  • After scanning completed device has been installed.

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How to earn through the BOLT charging network?

As this network is still about of set up all around the country its earnings aren’t enough to make it a main source of income but if some use their thinking and have sufficient resources then he or they may earn a very good amount every month.

As per BOLT, you can earn Rs 600 per month if you use it for one hour a day. and if 24hrs Rs 14400 per month if you single set up.

bolt price
BOLT price

Bold partners

In India

  • Sun Mobility
  • Okinawa Motors
  • Euler
  • Virya Mobility 5.0
  • NDS Eco Motors

In the world

  • BLOG
  • E-Power
  • Okla
  • Syev
  • Pega.

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Warranty on BOLT

Warranty on BOLT will be guaranteed for 12 months and include on-site parts and labor. repair, return, or replacement

Claim a warranty by contacting our support team at


In the final analysis, being part of this ecosystem is worth it. BOLT chargers are budget-friendly devices and will be easy to use.

When we entirely move to green, clean, and cost-effective sources of energy in the future, this will enable us to save our fossil fuels for future generations and save both time and money.

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