Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car FF 91 

FF 91 Technology

Faraday Future’s goal since its creation in 2014 has been to revolutionize the automobile niche. However, given that the business delayed the introduction of the Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car FF 91, we have not heard much from Faraday to date.

Based in California, Faraday has taken its time to deal with the ever-evolving demands of electric vehicles and autonomous technology. The FF 91 is not the company’s first dream of an EV. There was the FFZERO1 supercar, which served as eccentric proof of what was to come.

In an interview with Wallpaper, Faraday Future’s design director Page Beermann disclosed that the FF 91 addresses both Western and Eastern driver needs. Rather than being a complex model, the company focuses on simplicity – enhancing the user’s experience.

The FF 91 is more than just an EV. It’s a smart supercomputer and a premium-quality car that effortlessly blends traditional design components with consumer electronics.

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Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car FF 91

Finally, Faraday Future’s electric vehicle is here – the FF 91. Since its prototype display in 2017, several people have been anticipating the company’s new luxury innovation. And luckily, there was no disappointment!

Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car FF 91
Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car FF 91

Below are the exciting features of the FF 91.

Variable Platform Architecture (VPA)

As expected, the FF 91 is the first electric vehicle from the California-based factory to be powered by its Variable Platform Architecture (VPA). This ‘new platform’ brings about motors mounted on the axles, which creates more space for battery cells. In addition, it allows for battery configurations and can accommodate different vehicle sizes and designs.

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When fully maximized, the VPA can accommodate up to 6 strings of batteries with 3 motors. And in total, this would fire up to 1050 Horsepower and a 130kWh battery.

According to Faraday Future, utilizing a permanent magnet synchronous motor rather than an AC-induced motor is the way to go. They claim that the former will run more efficiently since it can carry a higher load capacity.

Highlighted FF 91 Specs

On top of the newness, as mentioned earlier in the EV industry, the FF 91 will be equipped with premium luxury seats. Moreover, the new improved VPA promises to bring fully-loaded performances.

The specs of FF 91 include the following:

  • 1,050 Horsepower
  • Can travel 0-60 in just 2.39 secs
  • Dynamic Vehicle Control
  • 300+ Miles per Charge
  • 130 kWh Lithium Battery
  • Responsive 4-wheel steering

Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car FF 91 Interior

Despite being embarrassed since it debuted, the team isn’t throwing in the towel just yet. Faraday Future released stunning interior images with the tag name “third internet living space.”

Immediately, you will notice large screens on the dashboard with a tablet-like display in the center for the driver. There is another tablet-size screen in front of the steering wheel, which displays cluster information. That’s not all; you will also find another in the dash for the passenger.

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There’s also something exciting about the doors – screens – where Faraday integrates controls for seat setting, sound, and more.

Featuring zero-gravity seats, the back offers users extra greater comfort. Faraday boasts of featuring “industry-leading” rear-seat reclining angles of 60 degrees. Additionally, the seats provide lower leg, lumbar, and upper back adjustments, which are great features for massaging. Four-way lumbar support and 14-way adjustment are available for each seat. Furthermore, the decor and ambiance can be altered in the “Spa Mode.”

Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car FF 91 Interior
Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car FF 91 Interior

What’s More?

Faraday Future integrates a new AI (artificial intelligence) system called the FFAI. This intelligence uses the EV’s sensors and software to offer a personalized user experience.

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This works by using facial and voice recognition and the user’s right to customize seat settings, interior temperature, and sound levels.

Sincerely, when the FF 91 launches hopefully in the third or fourth quarter of the year, it would be a big game changer!

Charging the Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car FF 91

You can simply charge your FF 91 with a 240v AC home charger – which is great! According to Faraday Future, the FF 91 can go from 0 to a full charge with a level 3 charger in two hours.

” The Future of Charging is Effortless”

FF 19 charging technology makes it easy to find nearby charging stations, whether you’re at home or the office.

Faraday Future had partnered with Meta System as the supplier of an onboard charging power system for its luxury FF 91.

“Meta System’s deep understanding of power conversion of electrified powertrain systems, combined with its technologically advanced products with higher efficiency and safety standards, will allow the FF 91 to offer industry-leading AC charging capabilities, giving our drivers more time to spend behind the wheel,” said Geng Niu, Global Senior Director, Powertrain, for Faraday Future.

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The system will be able to provide 15.2 kW AC charging, thanks to the inbuilt battery charger supplied by Meta System. Apparently, the deal with Meta System will further enhance FF 19’s technical strength and quality.

“We are thrilled to work with FF and supply the FF 91 with our state-of-the-art electric propulsion technologies,” said Alessandro Ciccone, Sales Director from Meta System. “We are big proponents of green energy and are excited to help bring another electric vehicle to market and support the company to the way of the future.”

Faraday Future Luxury EV
Faraday Future Luxury EV

Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car FF 91: What’s Next?

Just recently, the Chief Executive Office, Carsten Brietfeld, said in an interview with Reuters that the company is now ready for the launch of its EV.

According to him, “Faraday Future Intelligent Electric will be able to launch its FF91 luxury vehicle without additional funding.”

Recall that Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS.O) had filed for bankruptcy due to a lack of funds for the project needs. As a result, investors are having doubts about whether it will survive.

There’s still much to do before the launch. And the company is trusting its factory operations in California. The good news, however, is that Breitfeld claims the factory will begin full activities in just a few months.

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“Our Hanford manufacturing facility, recently renamed the “FF factory California,” is nearing completion,” said Breitfeld.

“We have all the equipment on site needed to begin production and are in the final stages of installation. The FF factory in California has already produced over a dozen production-intent vehicles.

“Testing and validation of the FF 91 are well underway, and I am very pleased with the results we are seeing. The FF 91 will be the world’s first ultra-luxury EV and will reset customer expectations for what the future of intelligent mobility can be.”

What to expect

Faraday Future proposed that its luxury FF91 EV delivery would commence by the third or fourth quarter of 2022. Projecting into the future, consumers can expect between 6,000 to 8,000 units of total delivery in 2023.

Despite the uncertainties around the launch, Breitfeld believes that the FF91 is in a good position to rival popular brands like Tesla, Rolls Royce, and Mercedes Benz’s Maybach.

A Look at Faraday Futures Q2 Earnings Financials

Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car
Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car

Like several EV startups, Faraday has no exemption that starting an automobile company is intimidating and challenging. From sourcing top-quality, premium materials to financing the facilities, manufacturers surely have lots to worry about.

In its Q2 reports, Faraday posted a net loss of about $142 million, almost x3 of 2021’s loss.

For the FF 91 launch, the business anticipates using about $368 million worth of cash by the end of 2022. The EV tech company aims to raise $325 million to achieve this.

In addition, the company claims to need additional capital by September 2022 to further its operations.

You can now pre-order your Faraday Future Luxury Electric Car FF 91!

Faraday Future has recently started pre-orders of its long-awaited luxury EV through its official site – the FF 91.



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