Electric Scooter Without A License In India

There is a lot of confusion around whether you need a license to drive an electric scooter in India. People do not know the exact rules about driving electric scooters in India. There isn’t much information about the laws around electric scooters as the masses still accept them.

Our government has tried its best to make it easier to choose electric scooters over the motor vehicles we use now in India. This is because they have made some relaxed rules and regulations around electric scooters that attract people to buy them.

Compared to the more stringent rules around driving a motor two-wheeler in India, which revolve around number plates, road tax, and driving license, the rules for an electric scooter are much more relaxed. Here, you can learn about India’s regulations around electric scooters and the top electric scooters to buy!

Rules For Electric Scooters In India

The government of India stipulates that anyone who drives vehicles in India needs to pass a driving test and get their driving license. A person without a driving license cannot drive. This rule makes streets safer for other drivers and pedestrians from careless people.

Electric scooters are safer than driving normal petrol-powered vehicles. The two main types of e-scooters are low-speed and high-speed electric scooters.

For low-powered electric scooters, you do not need to register, and you are exempt from the requirement of having a driving license for driving it. The low-powered electric scooters have electric motors of 250 watts. This model is found only in electric vehicles and not in motor vehicles. Its maximum speed is around 25 kilometers per hour.

The Government of India has exempted people who own an electric scooter powered by 250 watts motor or whose maximum speed is 25 kmph and don’t require a license for driving. However, a driving license is mandatory for driving any other type of vehicle.

Furthermore, even insurance is not mandatory for low-powered electric scooters.

The relaxed rules for low-powered electric scooters allow students, teenagers, and older people to drive efficiently.

Moreover, you are not required to use a helmet to protect your head on a low-powered electric scooter. However, it is advisable to wear a helmet for safety reasons.

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Laws Allowing Teenagers (Sixteen To Eighteen Years Old) To Drive E-scooters

E-scooters are available to 16-18-year-olds as a significant part of India’s objective of being an electric nation by 2030. Designed to increase electric travel among first-time motorcycle riders and automobiles.

A campaign has been launched following the launch of green number plates for electric motorized vehicles to enable teenagers, who are sixteen to operate e-scooters. The Union Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 were updated.

The ‘category L1‘ two-wheeler is updated to make e-scooter riding safer for teenagers to drive. Teenagers aged 16 and 18 are permitted to drive two-wheelers having 50 cc motors under pre-existing legislation.

To register for a personal vehicle driver’s license, you must be 18 years old. According to the updated rules, published in the Gazette on December 20th, teenagers from sixteen are allowed to get a license to drive e-scooters with a top speed of only seventy kilometers per hour.

Exemption Of Electric Vehicles From Road Tax

The governments of different states have particular Road taxes. They have their own rules and regulations for collecting different amounts of road tax from vehicles.

The Government of India proposed that owners of electric scooters and cars should be exempt from paying road tax. This was to encourage people to buy electric vehicles rather than motor vehicles as it saves you money. Here are a few cities with the highest number of electric scooters in India.

CityNo. of Electric Vehicles

Read this article to find e-vehicles that require no driving license in India;

1. Okinawa Lite

In India, Okinawa offers five electronic two-wheelers in the industry. Three of the two-wheelers are high-speed, while the other two are low-speed.

The Okinawa Lite is a low-powered electric scooter. A Lithium battery powers it. It has a range of 60 kilometers per recharge and highest speed of 25 kilometers per hour. It requires 5 hours to fully charge the battery.

The power supply is removable and also has 1.25kWh power. The anti-theft system also protects the battery.

The motor has a max output of 250W and is a water-resistant BLDC engine. This one has a disc brake on its front wheels and a drum brake on the back. In addition, it has regenerative braking and E-ABS. This electric scooter model features a unique design that includes dual-stacked headlight components.

This scooter has an LED headlight, LED taillights, a modern display panel, and a USB cell phone recharging outlet, among other things.

There’s also a lock and key system that you can use to start, lock, or unlock the storage area to gain access easily.

Okinawa Lite License
Okinawa Lite License

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2. Hero Optima E5

The Hero Optima is one of the top-selling e-scooters in India. It has the classic design of a scooter for people who don’t want to change the look of their scooter a lot. 

Hero Electric sells around sex high-powered electric scooters and nearly five low-powered electric scooters. The Optima E5 comes in two models: a Lead seed battery and a Lithium battery.

This scooter has a wide seat and mono-shock available on both wheels, making it perfect for a family scooter. The model with a Lithium battery can go up to 65 kilometers per charge.

The maximum speed for this scooter is not less than 25 kmph. The battery has a 48V/28AH capacity and takes around 4 hours to get charged. You can get a warranty of 3 years on buying this e-scooter. Its unique features include telescopic front brakes and 16-inch wheels of alloy.

Hero Optima Electric E5  License
Hero Electric E5 License

3. Ampere Rep Elite

This is a perfect option if you want a more modern and sporty-looking e-scooter. It has similar apron-mounted headlights similar to the beloved Honda scooters.

The Ampere brand is famous in India, with around four low-powered electric scooters and two high-powered electric scooters available.

Two options based on battery types for Ampere Rep Elite are a Lithium battery and a Lead seed battery. If you choose the Lithium battery model, you can ride around 60 km with just one charge.

On the other hand, this e-scooter takes about 6 hours to charge fully. Drum brakes with a diameter of 110mm are fitted to both wheels. Quality gearshift, LED headlights, Rear lights, electronic display panel, front prone compartment, and USB charging outlet are all included.

4. EeVe Xeniaa

The brand released the EeVe Xeniaa model in September 2019. It has a Lithium battery that powers a minimal electric scooter.

This battery is known to proffer a notable range of approximately 70 kilometers on each charge. The motor in this model is a Bosch 250 Watt.

There are disc brakes installed on the front and rear tubeless wheels. It comes with a USB port for charging your phone, complete LED lights, an indicator for parking, and other valuable features. This scooter only takes 4 hours to charge.

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5. Techo Electra Emerge

Techo Electra Emerge has a Lithium battery with 60 V and 30 Ah, which powers the electric scooter. A fully charged battery allows you to travel for around 100 km. 4 hours is the maximum time it takes for this model to change entirely.

It is ARAu certified with a central locking system. Other features include a reverse, neutral, and forward switch, a USB port to charge your smartphone, dual-mono rear suspension, a disc brake on the front wheel, and a drum brake on the rear wheel. The tire size is from 3 to 10 and is tubeless.

6. Desi Saaz Electric Scooter

REVPL’s new model is an electric scooter with exceptional pickup ability and low weight. Desi Daaz offers a unique style that is both fashionable and classy.

It uses a unique motor, which indicates this has lesser components, requires minimal service, and does not require a motor or gear replacement. In addition, it comes with a solid lithium battery with a 24 Ah capacity.

It comes with a spacious seat, regular tires, frontal disk and back drum brakes, and a back dual suspension system. It has LED headlights and taillights, as well as an electronic speedometer.

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7. Hero Electric Flash E2

Hero Electric’s new model Flash is an inexpensive e-scooter available today.  It has the appearance of a standard petrol vehicle but is driven by an electric motor.

It runs with a motor that has a capacity of 250 watts. The scooter’s maximum speed is approximately 25 mph, The e-scooter has a weight of around 69 kg. On a single battery charge, this model of electric scooter has a capacity of 65 km and takes roughly 4 hours to charge.

It boasts 165mm of ground clearance and tubeless tires of around 10 inches. The e-scooter has back spring-loaded suspension systems, and the back and front wheels have drum brakes. It has an electronic speedometer.

Hero Electric Flash E2 License
Hero Electric Flash E2 License

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8. Benling Icon

The icon is an electric scooter that is low-powered. It comes with a Li-ion battery and also with a lead battery. With a completely charged battery, people can drive it for 75 kilometers.

The maximum speed is 25 kilometers per hour. The lead battery takes 9 hours to charge, whereas the Lithium battery takes 4 hours to charge.

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Electric scooters are good for the environment and your pocket. You can save the environment and your money simultaneously by switching to an electric scooter.

The government of India has taken several steps to encourage people to drive electric scooters, which you can enjoy. First, however, it is essential to know the rules around driving electric scooters and which ones do not require a driving license.

You can find all you need by reading this article about electric scooters in India and why they don’t require helmets and a driving license.