Top 5 Electric Scooter with Removable Battery in 2022

You might be aware of the fact that not all Electric Scooters have the same range. In fact, it is less than what you will get in any fuel-based scooter. This is the reason why you need to get hold of the best electric scooters containing a removable battery that is swappable and you can get a better range.

Here is the list of Best Electric Scooter that comes with Removable Battery in India

  1. Simple One
  2. Okinawa IPraise+
  3. Bounce Infinity E1
  4. Okinawa Ridge+
  5. Okinawa Lite

It is right to say that these two-wheelers might have a larger price range than any non-removable battery-based scooters you will find. But each of them is worth spending money on since the quality and the range here are like none other.

Keeping everything in mind, we have created a list of the best electric scooters with removable batteries in India. Here it goes.

Best Electric Scooter Offering a Removable Battery in India- Our Pick

1. Simple One

The first one on our list is Simple One. It is the best electric scooter with a removable battery and a premium product in the market that looks stunning with exceptional features.

Starting off with its exceptional battery, during its launch in August 2021, the team unveiled that the scooter features both fixed and removable batteries.

Best Electric Scooter with Removable Battery
Electric Scooter with Removable Battery

According to the specs, Simple One brings in a Battery Capacity of 4.8 KWh. This includes a fixed battery that has a power of 3.3 kWh under the footboard. While the other small part of around 1.5 kWh is the removable battery that can be kept on charge at your home.

This scooter takes a charging time of around 1.5-2.5 hours which can be either done at home or any charging station. Similarly, the removable battery hardly takes around 60-75 minutes to charge that will come in handy.

removable battery electric scooter
Simple One Battery Pack

Moving on, the electric scooter gives a range of approx 236 KM which is incredible for anyone looking to ride longer. Other than this, you get a massive boot space of 30L as well as this scooter features a smart dashboard. This dashboard has the ability to provide GPS integration, accept and reject calls, and so much more.

Parameters Simple One
Motor Power 8.5kW 
Top Speed 105Kmph 
Range 236 KM
Boot Space30L
Battery TypeFixed and Removable 
Battery Capacity4.8 KWh 
DisplayTouchscreen LCD
Low Battery IndicatorYes
Charging Time1.5-2.5 hours
Kerb Weight110 Kg
Acceleration (0-40)2.95 seconds
Price (Based on different States)₹1,09,999


  • Both removable and fixed battery
  • Support fast charging
  • 95% Motor Efficiency
  • App to control all features available soon on iOS and Android

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2. Okinawa IPraise+

Next, we have IPraise+ by Okinawa. This particular scooter is made for your everyday commute. The design is pretty unique and sophisticated keeping every other enthusiast in mind.

Coming to the battery life, it features a 3.3 kWh Lithium-ion that is surely detachable. Simply pull out the battery from the electric scooter and charge it at your home.

Electric Scooter with Removable Battery
Electric Scooter containing Removable Battery

It takes around 4-5 hours of charge and gives a range of 139km per charge. The best part of this scooter is the micro-charger that has a special auto-cut function.

Other than this, IPraise+ brings the BLDC motor with a peak power of 2500 Watt. Moreover, you are given a digital speedometer to keep track of distance, charge, and speed on your two-wheeler.

Parameters IPraise+
Motor TypeBLDC
Motor Power 2500 Watt
Top Speed 58Kmph 
Range 139 KM
Battery TypeRemovable 
Battery Capacity3.3 KWh 
Mobile App ConnectivityYes
Charging Time4-5 hours
Loading Capacity150 Kg
HeadlightLED with DRL Function
Price (Based on different States)₹1,05,999


  • Supports Mobile Connectivity
  • Battery and Motor Warranty- 3 Years
  • It supports climbing tested at 7°
  • Multiple colors available
  • Pre-booking @ INR 2,000

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3. Bounce Infinity E1

Bounce Infinity E1 is among the best electric scooters in India that feature swappable batteries. You can simply charge one at your home or any charging station nearby, and swap it within seconds to carry on with your daily commute. Not only is it highly convenient but also perfect for covering longer ranges.

Electric Scooter with Removable Battery in India
electric scooter with detachable battery

This scooter is slick and stylish that is surely going to match your vibe. It even has multiple options to customize the looks and colors based on what you like. You can choose to add stickers, designs, motifs, and other skins from handpicked artists.

To ensure that you have the best ride, this electric scooter features rust-proof and lightweight alloy wheels.

e scooter with changeable battery
e scooter with changeable battery

Speaking of some specs here, the boot space is big enough to fit in your helmet as well as the battery pack. The best part about this scooter is the anti-theft feature.

As soon as it senses any vibration while parked or left alone, it automatically locks its rear wheel. The app helps you keep track of your scooter, alerts you if the anti-theft feature is active, or if your scooter is being moved.

Parameters Bounce Infinity E1
Motor TypeBLDC
Motor Power 1.50kW
Top Speed 65Kmph 
Range 85 KM
Battery TypePortable & Swappable
Battery Capacity2 KWh 
Drive ModesPower and Eco
Tires12-inch tubeless
Charging Time~4 hours
Kerb Weight94 Kg
Boot Space12L
Price (Based on different States)₹52,940


  • Multiple customizable skins are available
  • Options available to buy the scooter and rent a battery for a lower price
  • Fully equipped digital speedometer
  • In-built tracking and Geofencing enabled
  • The battery is waterproof and super reliable

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4. Okinawa Ridge+

We have another option designed by Okinawa that fits in perfectly with our list of the best electric scooter with removable battery. Ridge+ delivers exceptional range and amazing performance along with a lot of other features.

All the scooters designed by Okinawa have the feature where you can choose to customize the body as you need.

electric scooter with detachable battery
electric scooter with removable battery

It does cost extra money but you can choose from multiple themes where your scooter will be hand-painted by professionals with your initials on it.

Some available themes are Chameleon Pearl Theme, Crystal Effect Theme, Crumbled Gold Theme, Honeycomb Theme, and Galaxy Theme. Moving on, Ridge+ brings in a detachable 1.74KWH Lithium-ion battery. It takes around 2-3 hours for it to charge fully.

electric scooter with removable battery
okinawa ridge+ plus detachable battery

Other than this, this scooter has an anti-theft central locking system with alam to keep your vehicle safe. Also, the Okinawa ECO App helps you track your scooter, features Geofencing, speed, battery info, and much more.

Parameters Ridge+
Motor TypeBLDC
Motor Power 1700 Watt
Top Speed 45Kmph 
Range 84 KM
Battery TypeRemovable 
Battery Capacity1.74 KWh 
Mobile App ConnectivityYes Okinawa ECO App
Charging Time2-3 hours
Loading Capacity150 Kg
ChargerAuto cut Micro Charger
Price (Based on different States)₹70,935


  • Supports Find my Scooter Function
  • Waterproof motor and battery
  • Electronic – Assisted Braking System
  • Battery and Motor Warranty- 3 Years

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5. Okinawa Lite

The last one on our list here is yet another electric scooter by Okinawa. As we mentioned this brand has a list of multiple electric scooter with removable battery.

The Okinawa Lite is meant for all those who are looking for a scooter that is lightweight and perfect for daily commute. It offers low speed overall and is perfect for you to travel short distances.

Okinawa Lite

Anyone who has never ridden a scooter before and is looking to get on one as a beginner for learning purposes can book this ride. This scooter brings a load capacity of 150Kg which you will find in other variants as well.

You can pre-book the scooter at INR 2,000.00 from their official site and also learn more about it.

Parameters Lite
Motor TypeBLDC
Motor Power 250 Watt
Top Speed 25Kmph 
Range 65 KM
Battery TypeRemovable 
Battery Capacity1.25 KWh 
Mobile App ConnectivityNo
Charging Time4-5 hours
Capacity to Load150 Kg
ChargerMicro Charger with Auto Cut


  • Battery and Motor Warranty- 3 Years
  • Features a 150Kg loading capacity
  • Available in multiple colors

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Here we are with the list of the best electric scooters in India with removable batteries. Well, the list does seem smaller since there are very limited options in the market. You can even check out other versions of Okinawa electric scooters as well that have detachable battery options.

Other than this, Honda has partnered with another firm that is hoping to bring in more electric scooters that comes with removable battery soon in the Indian market.

All the scooters are currently only available for pre-booking with a very small amount. You can visit their official site and choose to book or cancel them anytime you need with a full refund.