Which Is Better – Electric Scooter Or Petrol Scooter?

With the growing price of petrol and the harm petrol vehicles cause the environment, it has become increasingly necessary to find another form of mobility. Electric vehicles have come to our rescue for these reasons.

The electric scooter is hands down the best option when you compare an electric scooter to a petrol scooter. Electric scooters are not just great for the individual buying them but also for the environment as well.

While electric vehicles might be a great option for many they still have disadvantages that a buyer might want to avoid, for some people petrol scooters might be the better option despite their limitations.

Here we have presented you with a complete analysis on the question of which is better: the electric scooter or petrol scooter?

Petrol Scooter VS Electric Scooter

Petrol scooter has remained a favorite among the daily urban as well as rural commuters in India, due to how accessible, low costing, and easy to ride they are.

These lightweight vehicles are great for young people, women, and elderly people, and have remained widely used all over India in the past many years. For short-distance traveling in India, petrol scooters are the most preferred vehicles.

Petrol scooters are both accessible and comfortable while also being suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. Ever since being introduced to Indian buyers scooters have remained a favorite.

There are both pros and cons to petrol scooters, of which buyers should be aware. Petrol scooters offer you many good features that will be essential to daily commuters.

While petrol scooters have many great advantages their disadvantage is that they aren’t emission-free and they are bad for the environment.

Electric Scooter Or Petrol Scooter
Electric Scooter Or Petrol Scooter

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Petrol Scooter VS Electric Scooter – Accessibility

Petrol scooters are great for people of all ages and gender, they are automatic and don’t require you to constantly be mindful of gears. For these reasons, petrol scooters have been the preferred choice of mobility for years.

Scooters are much easier to manoeuvre than other two-wheelers, making them suitable for people who are new to driving. They are very easy to drive in busy city traffic while also providing great speed and comfort.

Electric scooters are even more accessible than petrol scooters with new innovative technologies like keyless ignition, smart keys, push start button, etc.

Electric scooters not just offer great unique features but also try to make the riding experience as hassle-free as possible.

Both electric scooters and petrol scooters provide accessibility to the users but electric scooters have the upper hand in this area, with innovative technologies that provide an easy ride.

Petrol Scooter VS Electric Scooter – Comfort

Petrol scooters are generally more preferred than other forms of two-wheelers because of the comfortable riding experience they provide while also being affordable and accessible.

One of the major reasons for a buyer to prefer petrol scooters over electric scooters is the belief that petrol scooters might be more comfortable than electric scooters.

Electric scooters on the other hand offer all the comfort an electric scooter has to offer but with even more attention to comfort and sustainability.

Electric scooters nowadays are made with special attention to the comfortability of the user. So in this regard, electric scooters have again surpassed petrol scooters.

Petrol Scooter VS Electric Scooter – Performance

Petrol scooters are chosen majorly for the performance they have to offer to the buyer. Smooth ride, fast speed, and great mileage are all the things a petrol scooter has to offer to the buyer.

Petrol scooters provide the necessary requirements for an efficient ride and good speed. When people consider buying electric scooters one of their major concerns is if they can live up to the performance provided by petrol scooters.

Electric scooters do not just live up to but surpass the performance you will find in a petrol scooter. They provide excellent speed, comfort, and range while also maintaining great performance.

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Petrol Scooter VS Electric Scooter – Running Cost

One of the major cons of petrol scooters is the steadily growing running cost of these scooters. With the constantly increasing running cost of petrol-electric scooters are becoming more and more appealing.

While petrol costs so much and you need to refuel it again and again the running cost of a petrol scooter is just skyrocketing. Electric scooters come with surprisingly low running costs. If you are charging your electric scooter at a charging station, depending on your location and scooter type, it’ll cost you 10-15 rupees at most.

Electric scooters do not just come with low charging costs but an astounding amount of range so you won’t need to recharge them again and again. Just one recharge can last anywhere up to 80 to 200 km per charge.

But a petrol scooter will provide you with the same amount of mileage for a far costlier price, so electric scooters are far better for you if you are looking for low running costs.

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Petrol Scooter VS Electric Scooter – Mileage

The mileage of a scooter is the most important aspect a buyer considers before buying. So when comparing an electric scooter and a petrol scooter we must put greater emphasis on the mileage of these two different types of scooters.

Here are examples of some of the most popular petrol scooter mileage;

Model NameMileage
Honda Dio49 to 50 km per litre
Suzuki Access 12555 km per litre
Honda Activa 6G47 km per litre
TVS Ntorq 12547 km per litre
Hero Maestro45 to 51 km per litre
Yamaha Fascino66 km per litre
Honda Activa 12550 to 55 km per litre
Honda Grazia50 to 60 km per litre

Here are some examples of the popular electric scooter mileage;

Model NameMileage
Tunwal Lithino 2.0 60V70 to 85 KM per Charge
Tunwal Sport 63 Alpha 48 V55 to 70 KM per Charge
Simple One105 KM per Charge
Tunwal Lithino Pro75 to 120 KM per Charge
Flio Electric Scooter100 KM per Charge
Benling Aura120KM per Charge* Eco Mode
Eeve Soul120 KM per Charge
Ola S1121 KM per Charge
HERO Optima Electric HX-Dual Battery122 km per charge

As you can see from the information provided above electric scooters provide far more mileage than petrol scooters, almost the double amount of mileage compared to petrol scooters.

This excellent amount of mileage you get from an electric scooter is available for a negligible amount of money and if you opt for home charging then you can get around 80 to 100 km per charge of mileage for free.

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Petrol Scooter VS Electric Scooter – Maximum Speed

While buying a scooter the buyer is not necessarily concerned with the maximum amount of speed he can get from the scooter, since scooters are not brought with the view of speed.

But some buyers may be curious about the top speed of the two-wheeler they are buying and would like to compare electric scooters with petrol scooters.

Most petrol scooters come with a maximum speed of 25 km per hour to 35 km per hour but the average top speed of electric scooters has a wide variety. They can fall anywhere between 25 km to 60 km per hour and more.

Electric scooters mostly come in two variants, which are either electric scooters with a high speed and high range or low-speed low range variant. So depending on your preference, you can make your choice.

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Petrol Scooter VS Electric Scooter – Price

Now after having considered all the major references between electric scooters and petrol scooters we need to consider if electric scooters can be as affordable as petrol scooters.

One of the main appeals of petrol scooters is their affordable price, due to this petrol scooters have made their mark on the Indian market and have remained one of the most popular two-wheelers in India.

Here is a list of some of the most popular petrol scooter prices;

Model NamePrice
Honda Dio₹53,665 – ₹77,534
Suzuki Access 125₹58,249 – ₹90,176
Honda Activa 6G₹70,134 – ₹76,938
TVS Ntorq 125₹59,152 – ₹96,774
Hero Maestro₹52,130 – ₹90,270
Yamaha Fascino₹56,023 – ₹61,735
Honda Activa 125₹72,637 
Honda Grazia₹61,449 – ₹91,871

Here is a list of some of the most popular electric scooter prices;

Model NameMileage
HERO Optima Electric (HX)- Single BatteryRs. 55,580
HERO Optima Electric (LX) VRLARs. 51,440
Simple OneRs. 1,09,999
Battre OneRs. 69,900
Flio Electric ScooterNot Available
Battre LoevRs. 65,900
Eeve SoulNot Available
Ola S1Rs. 99,999
HERO Optima Electric HX-Dual BatteryRs. 65,640

As shown above electric scooters and petrol scooters don’t have many differences in price. While buying electric scooters you can opt for a low-speed low power type if you want a more affordable option. And if the price is not a concern for you then you can go for a more powerful electric scooter.

Even when comparing the price of electric scooter and petrol scooter you must admit that electric scooters are the far better option, due to the great features and specifications they have to offer and also the low running cost of these vehicles.

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Petrol Scooter VS Electric Scooter – Sustainability

Now we must consider the most important reason why you should consider an electric scooter over a petrol scooter. In the current times, the environment is suffering from all kinds of pollution we have been inflicting on it.

In our busy lives, we don’t stop to look at the consequences of the impact we are having on the environment. We keep on living in ways that keep on increasing the harm to the environment.

Electric scooters are the perfect solution to that while buying a petrol scooter at this time will increase the harm we are already doing to the environment. If you want to live more sustainably then you must choose electric scooters over petrol scooters.

Petrol Scooter To Electric Scooter Conversion

With today’s innovative new technologies in all sectors, we are seeing more creative technologies being introduced for a sustainable and emission-free environment.

Due to the growing air pollution in India now converting petrol scooters to electric scooters or hybrid scooters are now on the rise. There are many companies who can convert your petrol scooter for a price between Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 35,000.

Although slowly gaining a footing scooter conversion still is a rare thing in Indian and people considering converting their petrol scooters to electric scooters first must be well versed in this topic.

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Electric scooters have slowly been gaining momentum among buyers over the last few years, but in recent times the popularity of electric scooters has exploded among buyers in India.

The sale of popular scooters is decreased quite rapidly and many popular petrol scooter brands have started venturing into the electric scooter market with their own new models.

In this article, we have tried to demonstrate to you objectively why electric scooters are far superior to petrol scooters. We hope with our help you can make an electric scooter your new ride.