How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Scooter In India?

Electric scooters are rising in popularity all throughout the country because of the great things they have to offer such as emission-free mobility, convenient and comfortable ride, and a low running cost.

The cost of charging an electric scooter is surprisingly low, it will cost you somewhere from 10-20 Rupees in most cases but the cost of charging can vary based on the place and type of scooter you have.

With the constantly rising price of petrol, it is a wonder why more people are not switching to electric scooters, when electric scooters cost you so little in terms of charging.

Petrol Scooter Vs Electric Scooter Running Cost

If you are using a petrol scooter in today’s world you might know how difficult and inconvenient it is because of the obscenely high petrol cost. With sky-high petrol costs, more and more people are choosing to opt for an electric scooter.

Electric scooters, on the other hand, have a completely different story, they are convenient, hassle-free, environment friendly, and just all around made for today’s busy and chaotic world.

Petrol scooters offer much less mileage and cost more to refill while electric scooters are nowadays offering an unprecedented amount of range per charge.

So electric scooters are not just good for short-distance commuting as most people like to think but they also are great for long-distance commuting too. Not just that electric scooters are offering much faster speed than most petrol scooters nowadays.

Petrol scooters also have a higher maintenance cost because they mostly consist of older technologies thus needing more maintenance and due to this they are not as convenient as the electric scooters.

electric scooter charging cost in india
electric scooter charging cost in india

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How Often Do You Need To Charge Your Electric Scooter?

Knowing all the great benefits electric scooters have to offer you might be getting more and more interested in how electric scooters work and what it is like to have an electric scooter for your daily commuting.

Contrary to what people think electric scooters are actually very easy to navigate and they are not some complex vehicles that only experts can use. But they are quite user-friendly and easy-to-use vehicles.

The first belief that put off people even considering buying an electric scooter is the belief that having to rely on charging and batteries instead of petrol is not very dependable.

Because petrol is available universally even though the price is rising it is much more reliable than the electric scooter since according to people’s belief you can run out of charge anytime and have nowhere to recharge your electric scooter.

These kinds of views are not accurate and insanely outdated and held by people who have no idea how electric scooters actually work.

Nowadays electric scooters are coming with an excellent range that will last you for days, so in general, you might need to charge a long-range electric scooter 1-2 times a week.

A short-range electric scooter might need to be charged more often, around 3-4 times a week.

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Charging Cost Of Electric Scooters

The charging cost of an electric scooter is much less than the cost of fuel for petrol scooters, that’s why electric scooters are taking over petrol scooters so fast.

If you are wondering if electric scooters can deliver you the same performance because they might not be as reliable as the petrol scooters then rest assured, the low running cost of electric scooters doesn’t impact the performance of these scooters.

Electric Scooter Home Charging Cost

The charging cost of an electric scooter is harder to determine if you are charging from home. To effectively determine the charging cost of an electric scooter you need to keep a couple of things in mind such as;

  • Get the electricity bill for your home.
  • Determine your total charging unit.
  • Subtract the total unit of your electric scooter charging from the whole electricity bill.
  • Then you are left with the home charging cost of your electric scooter.

Electric Scooter Charging Station Cost

The cost of charging from the charging station might be a little extra because the station might charge you some extra service cost but still, this extra cost will be very less.

The cost of charging an electric scooter varies from state to state and also varies depending on the electric scooter model you have.

The price of charging also depends on the capacity of your electric scooter. A low capacity scooter usually costs around 8-10 Rupees while a high capacity electric scooter might cost around 15-25 rupees.

Also based on your location the cost of charging might varies, i.e. to charge an Ola electric scooter from Goa costs Rs. 8.93, while from Mizoram it costs around Rs. 23.43.

As you can see, how much an electric scooter charging will cost varies based on many factors. You need to consider for yourself the charging cost of your electric scooter.

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How To Charge An Electric Scooter

Considering all the great things an electric scooter has to offer you might be fearful that the charging process of an electric scooter might be difficult to do, but it is not so.

Charging an electric scooter is surprisingly easy to do and hassle-free. It is almost as easy as charging one of your normal electronic devices.

Many people are put off by electric scooters because they think that petrol stations are around the corner from everywhere while electric scooter charging stations are not as widely available.

That’s a fair concern but it is not accurate that electric scooter charging stations are not widely available, nowadays charging stations are experiencing massive growth and new charging stations are opening all throughout the country.

There are different ways to charge an electric scooter, you cant opt for home charging and charging from a charging station. Both of these options are quite affordable and convenient.

Most of the electric scooters in the market nowadays now come with home charging units making electric scooter charging even more convenient and cheap.

While home charging has its appeal, charging an electric scooter from a charging station is also quite convenient if you ever run out of charge and your home charging unit is not accessible to you.

Not every electric scooter comes with home charging units so charging stations are an absolute necessity for electric scooter owners.

How to effectively charge your electric scooter also depends largely on the type of electric scooter and the battery and charger specifications of the electric scooter.

So a certain kind of electric scooter will require a certain kind of charging unit and the charging cost and time will also vary from scooter to scooter.

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Charging Station Vs Home Charging – Which Is Better?

While we have focused mainly on the charging cost of electric scooters, we also need to take a look at the forms of charging an electric scooter and identify which is a better choice for you personally.

Making the choice between an electric scooter and a petrol scooter may depend on various factors, such as the brand and type of electric scooter you have or it might also depend on the battery specifications of your electric scooter.

The range, speed, and even how accessible your nearest charging station matters a lot when you are looking to make the choice between home charging and charging from a charging station.

Charging stations are better for electric scooters with high range and high power since these kinds of electric scooters might not be completely safe to charge from home.

Short-range low-powered electric scooters are better for charging from home since they are safe and don’t require a lot of electricity and won’t affect your electricity bill by a lot.

While you may have different preferences regarding charging your electric scooter, sometimes you have to charge your electric scooter depending on what the situation warrants.

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People who want to switch to electric scooters have many doubts regarding charging their vehicle, one of the main concerns they have is how much it really costs to charge an electric scooter.

Charging an electric scooter is much more affordable compared to petrol scooters, and it is quite simple and accessible to most people.

Considering how affordable electric scooter charging is, we encourage more people to switch to electric scooters since it’s not just beneficial to them but also to the whole environment.