5 Best Electric Cycle Manufacturers in India

As an electric bike rider, you know the importance of having a reliable and high-quality e-bike. Not all electric bikes are created equal, so it’s important to find the best manufacturer out there.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best electric cycle manufacturers in India and highlight what makes them stand out from the competition. We hope this information helps you make an informed decision when purchasing your next e-bike!

Here is the list of 5 Best Electric Cycle Manufacturers in India

  1. Hero Lectro
  2. EMotorad (EM)
  3. Triad Cycles
  4. E-TRIO

There are a number of Electric cycles available in the market currently. It is no longer a trend to ride such cycles but the need of the hour that will not only give you speed but also be perfect for a greener environment.

Moreover, there are loads of electric cycle manufacturers in India that have been actively designing new models each year for the EV industry.

The major reason people are turning towards electric cycles is that they are cost-effective, greener, faster, and more convenient. Choosing among the best electric cycle brands can be a huge task since there are tons in the market.

However, some of these have created a huge impact in the EV industry that needs special attention.

Here is a list of the best electric cycle manufacturers in India.

Best Electric Cycle Manufacturers in India

1. Hero Lectro

The first one on our list is one of the biggest brands in the country. Hero is highly popular for manufacturing two-wheelers that include motorcycles and Scooters. Well, apart from these, it designs exceptional electric cycles as well under the name Hero Lectro.

All the cycles are designed and engineered in Berlin. However, the parts are manufactured in the capital city of the country, Delhi NCR.

list of electric bicycle manufacturers in india

All the electric cycles are powered by Lithium-ion batteries and the Electric Drive Unit (EDU). The most unique part of the brand is that the cycles here have four different modes that allow you to enjoy the ride smoothly under all circumstances.

  • Throttle- Enjoy cycling without pedaling
  • Cruise- Ride at a fixed speed of 6Km/hr
  • Pedalec- Balanced ride between Pedaling and Battery driven
  • Pedal- Traditional method of riding any cycle

With these cycles, you do not require any license to ride on the streets. Moreover, the battery takes around 4 hours for a complete charge and gives easily 25kms which is decent enough.

Furthermore, the price range is excellent too and you can select from over 25+ designs available on the website.

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2. EMotorad (EM)

Next up, we have EMotorad amongst the list of the best electric cycle manufacturers in India. The brand is aiming to not only target customers with the need for daily commute but also those who love adventures or are in for a casual ride around town.

This company is based out of Maharashtra created by four exceptional Founders and Co-Founders.

Best electric cycle manufacturers in india

Moreover, as per the law passed by the Government of India, you do not require any license or registration to ride these electric cycles.

The bikes listed with this brand can reach a maximum speed of up to 25 km/hr using the motor and battery assist. You can surely increase the overall speed but only through pedaling any further.

These cycles have BLDC motors that are known to be the best ones in the market.

Currently, there are three variants of the Electric cycles available namely Doodle, T-Rex, and EMX. Each of these runs on Lithium-ion batteries that take around 4-5 hours for a complete charge.

Now, the cost of charging a battery depends entirely on where you live but it can easily cost around INR 3-5 for a full charge. Furthermore, all the cycles are waterproof so that you can ride them in the rain as well.

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3. Triad Cycles

Triad Cycles is an exclusive electric cycle manufacturer in India. You can book your choice of cycle from the limited options available on their official site.

Moreover, you can directly buy yourself an electric cycle from Amazon India and get it delivered based on availability.

best electric bicycle in india

There are three designs available in the Electric Cycle category namely Triad E1, Triad E3, and Triad E5.

The best part about this brand is that all the cycles are manufactured to use the Internationally claimed Shimano Tourney 7-Speed which makes all the difference for the speed. Above all, the battery takes around 3-4 hours to charge which is pretty excellent.

Triad Cycles are entirely based in India allowing them to deliver the cycle to the customers that are fully fitted.

Furthermore, the price range is also pretty nominal and affordable for the general public.

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Have you heard of E-TRIO yet? This startup is one of India’s first EV Conversion brands as well amongst the first that has brought certified E-LCV’S for all-purpose use.

The company is not only known for its Electric cycles but has a wide range of other EV products such as Cars, Three wheelers, and LCVs.

electric cycle manufacturers in india

This is one of the best electric cycle manufacturers in India that was launched in 2017 with only limited products. With passing years, the brand brought in E-LCV in 2018 and further introduced two-brand new Electric cycles for its customers.

The two cycles namely Ashva and iSwitch are not only meant for personal use for daily commute but also are designed for carrying cargo. Moreover, these bikes are perfect for delivery executives, office riders, school rides, and trekking too.

While other electric cycles can only reach up to 25km range, Ashva and iSwitch offer 80 km and 35 km in a single charge that hardly takes 3-4 hours for a full charge. The batteries are detachable so that you can charge them at your office or home.

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Lastly, we have the company Toutche based in Bangalore and Mysore. The brand started its operations in 2018 with an incredible range of electric vehicle products in the market.

Toutche offers the Heileo range of electric cycles that are affordable and perfect for your daily commute. Unlike any other brand, this company has a limited number of products and designs.

best electric bicycle in india 2021

The cycles have excellent design, premium quality of all the parts used, and give user convenience. They claim to have built the best electric cycle in the country due to its superior quality and the ability to be ridden in difficult circumstances.

All the manufacturing processes and designs have been done entirely in India.

The bikes run on two different modes where you can either choose to simply ride the bike in a traditional manner, or else you can pick the power modes such as Pedal Assist and Throttle.

Here Pedal Assist simply implies that you can use the motor power as well as pedals to ride the bike. While Throttle is entirely about using the cycle as a motorbike and not using the pedal at all.

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Final Conclusion

Here we are with all we need to know about the best electric cycle manufacturers in India. The list may seem shorter than anticipated, but each of them is well-researched and highly reliable.

You will find other electric cycle manufacturers in India but not all of them are worth spending money on.