eBikeGo Rugged Electric Bike 2022 – Specification, Features, and Price

eBikeGo is one of the biggest Bike Rental Platforms in India. It delivers electric bikes and scooters for rent at an affordable price available in multiple cities. Well, the company launched an exceptional electric bike Rugged G1 and G1+ in August last year and since then has received a tremendous response from consumers all over the country.

Both the variants have been designed with precision especially for the roads in India.

Since its launch, this electric bike has been the talk of the town and has garnered more than INR 1000 Crore worth of pre-bookings to date. Both the versions have very minute differences but have a lot to offer for the price.

Here is everything we need to know about eBikeGo Rugged G1 and G1+ electric bikes.

eBikeGo Rugged Electric Bike Specifications

Here are the specifications of eBikeGo rugged electric bikes.

Parameters Rugged G1Rugged G1+
Motor Type  BLDC Hub Motor BLDC Hub Motor 
Power 3.0kW 4.0kW 
Top Speed 65Kmph 75Kmph 
Range 100 KM200 KM
Loading Capacity 200kg 200kg 
Battery TypeLithium-Iron-Phosphate
( LiFePO4 ) – Swappable
( LiFePO4 ) – Swappable
Battery Capacity2.3 KWh4.6 KWh
Charge Time 2.5-4 Hours4-5 Hours 
Battery Status Bar Yes Yes 
Tires Tubeless Tubeless 
Boots space30L10L
Braking systemCombined Braking SystemCombined Braking System
eBikeGo Rugged electric bike
eBikeGo Rugged electric bike

Rugged G1 and G1+ are to be manufactured in the city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu and with the incredible response from consumers all over the country, these bikes might be available soon.

The basic idea behind naming this electric bike Rugged was because of the meaning behind it. Rugged means Strong in English and that is what this is all about.

The company hopes to deliver the strongest and highly efficient electric bike to people even in remote parts of the country.

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eBikeGo Rugged Electric Bike G1 and G1+ Features

Coming down to all the features that make eBikeGo Rugged electric bike unique and worth spending money on. The major difference between both these bikes is the battery power.

Rugged G1 features a single battery that has the capacity to charge 0-100% within 4 hours. While Rugged G1+ has double battery capacity for long drive and power.

eBikeGo Rugged Electric Bike features
eBikeGo Rugged Electric Bike features
  • Both electric Bikes features BLDC Hub Motor for exceptional power
  • Attain a top speed upto 65Kmph (Rugged G1) and 75Kmph (Rugged G1+)
  • With a range of 100KM (G1) & 200KM (G1+), you can have the smoothest long ride.
  • Both these Bikes can handle 200Kg load capacity
  • Battery Capacity- 2.3 KWh (G1) & 4.6 KWh (G1+)
  • It takes around 2.5 to 4 hours of charging time for a single battery.
  • Features remote wheel brake system
  • The advanced braking system with disc brakes at the front and rear

Apart from this, it takes around 1 min swapping time for the battery that you will hardly find in any other electric bikes in India.

Above all, the battery, as well as the motor, are water and dust resistant which means you do not have to worry about water splashes or even slight rainfall.

As of now, there are four color options available i.e. Panther Black, Whale Blue, Beetle Red, and Mantis Green.

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Rugged Electric Bike Price

Currently, G1 is available for a price of ₹89998 and G1+ at ₹125514 including the charger as well.

ParametersRugged G1 electric bikeRugged G1+ electric bike

Well, you can get one for yourself as well only through pre-booking as of now. Simply visit their official site and pre-book the bike for INR 499 only. The amount is 100% refundable.

eBikeGo Rugged Electric Bike Mobile App

As of now, you may not find the app on the play store since it has not been launched yet, however, we do have a sneak peek of all the intelligent monitoring features that will be made available for everyone who owns the electric bike soon.

eBikeGo Rugged electric scooter
eBikeGo Rugged electric scooter
  • Monitor Charging and Battery Power
  • Remote Power On and Off
  • Monitor the Vehicle Performance such as Distance traveled, time traveled, speed, etc.
  • Keep a record of the Service through the App
  • Anti-theft System
  • GPS Navigation and live Map
eBikeGo Rugged electric bike mobile app
Rugged Electric Bike Mobile App

All of these are available for you remotely so that you can keep track of everything. Moreover, you can even keep note of the distance, battery, and multiple other things directly on the digital LCD on the bike itself.

eBikeGo is on a mission to install around 1,00,000 all over the country and through the app, you can find these charging stations nearest to you for a refill when needed.

Furthermore, the bike is equipped with 4G, BLE, CAN bus, GPS/IRNSS, 42 Inputs/Outputs, serial ports as well as modular sensors through all the info received on your smartphone.

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eBikeGo Rugged G1 and G1+ Modes and Peripheral

Moving on, we learned that both bikes feature an excellent range. However, you have been given the option to choose between two modes i.e. Eco and Power.

  • Eco Mode- 160Km Range/charge
  • Power Mode- 135Km Range/charge

Also, you are provided with a 50L under-seat storage capacity which is a huge milestone for any electric bike. It has LED headlights, taillights, and indicator lights. Furthermore, you can connect your smartphone to a single USB outlet provided to all.

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Here we are with all you need to know about the Rugged Electric Bike and what it has to offer to its consumers. The scooter looks amazing aesthetically and with the incredible battery life, you can take it for a spin for hours.

Moreover, you will love the fact that it uses IoT technology to keep you updated about your bike every step of the way. To be a part of this, you can simply apply to its pre-booking through the official site and wait for any official announcement on the direct sale.