5 Best Electric Car Conversion Companies in India

With the rising fuel prices in the country, the need to shift to an electric alternative has grown on a massive scale. There has been a significant increase in the number of startups and companies entering into the EV industry with incredible two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and electric cars as well. In fact, there are multiple electric car conversion companies in India to change the way of the automobile industry.

You might have heard of companies that provide Electric conversion kits that help transform your regular cars into electric vehicles. Why purchase a new car when you can simpler convert your old one into something much more valuable. You can convert your cars into either completely electric vehicles or hybrid as well.

Best Electric Car Conversion Companies in India
Best Electric Car Conversion Companies in India

Let us look at the electric car conversion companies in India.

Best Electric Car Conversion Companies in India

Here is the list of the companies that provide such retrofit services for cars, bikes, cycles, three-wheelers, etc.

1. Retron Energies

The first one on the list is Retron Energies. It is amongst the best companies. Moreover, it has the vision to convert or retrofit existing vehicles into either pure electric ones or hybrid vehicles.

The company was started by a Founder and a Co-Founder. Along with the team of engineers, the company ensures that all the conversions are accurate and worth spending money on.

They make custom Li-ion battery packs, spare parts needed for an EV, provide conversion kits and other services needed for an existing electric vehicle.

The company has worked on multiple such projects such as REV100 which is a retrofitted electric auto.

Similarly, you have a converted e-bike with an electric motor and batteries giving a range of 40-60kms.

Electric Car Conversion Companies in India

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2. Loop Moto

Next up, Loop Moto is yet another one of the most popular electric car conversion companies in India available in multiple cities. This company also has multiple conversion kits available at different prices based on the type of vehicle and parts you will be needing for the conversion.

In such kits, you will get custom Li-ion batteries, a Battery management system to keep track, and other parts you will need such as a motor, wires, etc to convert your car into an electric vehicle.

You can go through their current prospects and ideas on their official site for converting bikes, cars, and other small commercial vehicles.

Simply ask for the price package for the kits based on the type of vehicle you own and discuss further. You can bring your cars such as Maruti Suzuki Swift, Wagon R, Dezire, and other similar models.

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3. E-Trio

E-trio started with retrofitting cars to build their own electric vehicles in the market. The team began with Maruti Suzuki Alto as their first car to retrofit and since they have been working on converting old cars revamped EV units.

As of now they are majorly focused on their new products but have significantly worked on converting cars.

electric car conversion kit in india

The company has custom battery packs that are water and dust resistant, exceptional motors that have high thermal endurance, other powerful software controls, GPS & other technology, and a custom app to keep track of your vehicle.

The team has mentioned the details from Retrofit Stripping to Assemble and how it is done.

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4. Pixy Cars

Another company that you may not have heard of a lot in the market. Pixy Cars is also an electric car conversion company in India that focuses mainly on retrofitting petrol and Diesel cars into electric vehicles.

Since the founder believes that building an EV from scratch is a huge task and requires a lot of resources for the same.

bosch electric car conversion kit price in india

Hence, the team had set up their business in a poultry farm. They have also been helping to convert old cars into electric vehicles. You can set up an inquiry to get your vehicle converted as well.

Meantime learn a lot more from the founder itself about Electric vehicles and conversion kits that includes the motor, controller, wiring, gearbox, and other parts.

5. GoGoa1

Lastly, we have GoGoa1 in our list that provides electric car conversion kits on their site that you can buy to convert your cars. This is an Indian company that specializes solely in providing different components for electric and solar-powered vehicles.

You can find multiple options on the site to convert your cycles, bikes, three-wheelers, and cars into pure electric or hybrid vehicles.

Apart from this, you can purchase and learn more about different parts. There are multiple components available such as motor hub batteries, tires, etc.

In fact, you can even order an electric bike from different companies listed on the site if you are not into conversions.

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How much does it cost to convert a car to electric in India?

Electric Car Conversion Companies in India
Electric Car Conversion Companies in India

Even though you might have learned about different small and large scale companies that provide conversion kits for your cars as well as retrofit services. It is also important to understand the overall cost of the process.

You can get your vehicle converted to an electric unit for under INR 4-5 lakhs. It includes getting the right and powerful motor, batteries, wires, and other components.

There is no doubt it is costly if you have no idea how it works. But rather than giving away your old car, you can spend money on converting it into something useful.


There are lot more electric car conversion companies in India. But they are still under operation or have stopped working since the pandemic affected the business of hundreds of companies.

But the most reliable among all the names we have listed are Retron Energies, E-Trio, and Loop Moto. They do not only have kits but also provide retrofit services so that you do not have to get things done by yourself.

Some other companies are also present that do provide retrofit services. But only for two and three-wheelers which seem easier to handle and have a lower cost. With the demand for electric vehicles on a rise, we will be seeing a rise in the EV industry in India soon.

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