Battery Replacement Cost for Electric Scooter

The battery replacement cost for electric scooters in India depends on three factors: battery type, specifications, and brand.

If one of these changes, then the price of the battery will also change. If you want to know the exact cost of battery replacement for an electric scooter, then, first of all, you have to define the specifications, type, and brand of the required battery.

In the Indian market, many brands are offering electric scooter batteries. For non-technical people, it is not easy to differentiate between these brands. We have created this guide for those electric scooter consumers who know nothing about e-bike batteries.

Battery Replacement Cost for Electric Scooter
Battery Replacement Cost for Electric Scooter

After reading this guide on electric scooter battery replacement costs, we assure you that you will get detailed knowledge about e-bike batteries and be able to distinguish between different brands of batteries and their prices. You will also be able to figure out why their prices vary.

You know, batteries are electrical components. In this guide, when we talk about its specifications, we will also use different electrical terminologies such as voltage, current, and ampere-hour.

First, we will learn what these terminologies are and their impacts on battery prices then we will discuss different types of batteries. In last, we will discuss different brands and their battery prices.

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What is an electric scooter battery?

An Electric Scooter battery is an electrical component that stores electrical energy and then supplies this stored energy to an electric bike. It is the most crucial component of an electric scooter because the entire operation of an electric bike depends on its batteries.

What do we have to do before replacing the battery?

Just imagine, if you don’t know what is your need, then can you satisfy it? Before purchasing a battery, you have to do a need analysis.

First, take out the damaged battery and note its specification such as battery dimension, voltage, current, and ampere-hour.

Also, note down the battery’s type, such as Lithium-ion or Sealed Lead Acid Battery. If you don’t know these things, then don’t worry. Keep reading this article. We will try to make each of these more understandable to you.

Technical Terminologies related To Electric Scooters

Terminologies that you need to know about E-bike batteries are AC & DC, Voltage, current, power, and ampere-hours. You must provide this information to the battery provider when you purchase the battery. You can find all this information in the battery’s manual; if the manual is unavailable, you can see the battery’s sticker.

AC and DC

AC and DC are the types of current. AC stands for Alternating Current, and DC stands for Direct current. The difference is that AC changes its direction periodically while DC keeps constant and doesn’t change direction.

The purpose of explaining the concept of AC and DC here is that batteries can only store and supply DC. If you provide AC to the batteries, the batteries will be damaged.

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Voltage is the force that generates a current. The unit for measuring voltage is a volt. On the battery’s manual or sticker, if you see 48VDC, it means the battery can supply and receive 48 VDC.


Electric current is the flow of electrons in any conductor. Its measuring unit is ampere.


Power is the ability of the battery to transfer electrical energy. Its measuring unit is the watt.


Ampere hours represent the battery’s ability to supply current for one hour. For example, if you have a battery of 60 ampere-hours, then it means that the battery can deliver 60 amperes for one hour.

It is one of the essential parameters on which the battery’s price depends. If the battery’s ampere hours increase, then the battery’s costs will also increase.

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Types of E-bike battery

The second information you must provide the supplier is the battery’s type. In the Indian market, lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries are the most popular batteries used in electric scooters. Both of these have positive aspects and also some limitations.

Lead acid battery

The lead acid battery is trendy among consumers due to its low price. Besides this, it is safer because it does not catch fire. On the other hand, it also has some drawbacks.

Such as, it is bulky in size, and its performance decrease gradually. In addition, it doesn’t support fast charging. You can face trouble if you need a quick recharge during traveling.

Battery Replacement Cost
Lead acid battery

Lithium-ion battery

The lithium-ion battery is the consumer’s first choice. Due to its lightweight unnecessary load from the bike eliminates. Besides this, it also supports fast charging. When you need a quick recharge during traveling, you can quickly recharge it in a few minutes.

On the other hand, it also has some drawbacks, such as it is more expensive than lead acid batteries. You cannot discharge it entirely because it can go into deep discharge mode.

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Estimating electric scooter battery’s cost

Let’s suppose you need a battery with the following specification.

  1. Voltage =12V
  2. Capacity=24Ah
  3. Dimension=180*77*170 mm
  4. Type =lead acid

You can get a battery of the above specification for ₹ 2000 to 3000. Similarly, suppose you need a battery of different specifications. In that case, the process is the same first note down your requirements, then visit a local automobile market or e-commerce store such as India mart.

The most popular brands related to e-bike batteries are Trontek Batteries, Bentork Batteries, and Pure Lithium Batteries. While comparing prices between different brands, always keep the specification and types constant. If you do not keep these two things consistent, then you cannot make an exact estimation.


If we take a quick recap of this article, you only need to do two things to estimate the accurate cost of electric scooter battery replacement. First, note down the specifications of the required battery, and second, visit the market and make a comparison between different brands of batteries.

We hope this article will have been beneficial to you. If you want to read more about electric scooters, you can visit our’s blog. We keep sharing articles related to electric bikes and cars on our blog.

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