What Is The Battery Life Of Electric Scooter?

The batteries of an electric scooter are one of the most significant parts of the scooter. Much of the performance of the scooter depends on what kind of batteries the scooter has, the battery capacity of the scooter, and many such things.

The battery life of an electric scooter is around 3 to 5 years generally but can vary depending on various factors such as the battery type, maintenance, battery power, etc.

Since so much is dependent on the battery, you must be wondering about what is the battery life of electric scooters. Once an electric scooter’s battery life is over, there are many procedures to follow, so it’s good to know the battery life of electric scooters before buying one.

If you are interested to know all things electric scooters and electric scooters batteries then you are at the right place because we have made this comprehensive guide about electric scooter battery life for you.

What Kind Of Battery Does An Electric Scooter Use?

Since the performance of the scooter is almost completely dependent on the batteries and replacement of the battery is important to the scooter, you must get educated about the battery life of the electric scooter.

The battery life of each electric scooter varies from another one depending on many factors, such as battery type, battery power, charger type, how much you use the electric scooter, and if you maintain it properly or not.

To understand the battery life of an electric scooter you must first take into account the various types of electric scooter batteries out there in the market.

What Is The Battery Life Of Electric Scooter
What Is The Battery Life Of Electric Scooter

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Here are two of the most common electric scooter batteries in use;

1. Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are one of the most used batteries not just for an electric scooter but for other electric vehicles, laptops, cell phones, and various other power tools.

Lithium-Ion batteries are taking over other battery types because of how energy efficient they are even though they are not cheap.

This battery type is rechargeable, very reliable, and needs less maintenance. Lithium-Ion batteries are very stable, safe, and have a very long life compared to other electric scooter batteries.

Battery Life Of Lithium-Ion

Each type of battery has different battery life, Lithium-ion batteries are one of the most long-lasting electric scooter batteries available.

Lithium-Ion batteries can last 3 to 4 years or somewhere around 300-500 charge cycles.

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2. Lead Acid Battery

Another one of the most commonly used electric scooter batteries is a lead-acid battery. It is so widely used because it’s cheap and used for many different electronics and they are one of the most used battery types out there.

Lead-acid batteries are mostly used in electric scooters that are not very powerful. It is very cheap compared to other forms of batteries but not very energy efficient.

If you want one powerful, high-range electric scooter lead-acid battery containing scooters may not be the right choice for you. They are rapidly being replaced by other more efficient battery types.

Battery Life of Lead Acid Battery

Lead-acid batteries have long been used for every kind of electronic due to their convenience and cheaper price. And they do deliver a good performance and a good battery life considering their low price.

Lead-acid batteries can last anywhere up to 2-3 years and 100 to 200 charging cycles.

Some other less common battery types are as follow;

  • Nickel metal hydride
  • “Zebra” Batteries

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Battery Life Of Electric Scooters

Just like different types of batteries impact the battery life of the electric scooter, there are other things to consider when you are trying to find out the battery life of the electric scooter.

Knowing your scooter’s range and battery capacity can greatly help you maximize your electric scooter’s battery life. Familiarize yourself with all the relevant specifications of the electric scooter to make your scooter run efficiently.

Also over time, the batteries of an electric scooter might diminish its capacity and the battery life might get diminished, which will impact the overall battery capacity of the electric scooter.

So the overall battery life of electric scooters can be anywhere between 3-6 years and around 250 to 550 recharge cycles. Also if you take into account the distance this capacity will avail you, it’ll be somewhere around 4000 km to 5000 km, which is astounding.

Battery Capacity of Electric Scooters

Each scooter varies in its battery capacity from other scooters, based on many factors. So while buying electric scooters you must take into account the battery capacity of that electric scooter.

The battery capacity is measured in watt-hours (Wh) for electric scooters. Here is a comprehensive guide to some of the most popular electric scooter battery capacities;

Battery Life Of Electric Scooter
Model NameBattery Capacity
Ola S12.98 Wh
Ola S1 Pro3.97 Wh
Hero Electric Optima HX Dual Battery51.2 V/30 AH * 2
Hero Electric NYX HX Dual Battery51.2 V/30 AH
Hero Electric Optima HX Single Battery51.2 V/30 AH
Battre One48v 30 AH
Battre Gpsie48v 24 AH

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How To Increase Battery Life Of Electric Scooters

Since the battery is so integral to electric scooters, it is necessary to have a better idea of the electric scooters’ battery life. Once the battery life of electric scooters runs out you will need to replace the batteries and make many changes to the electric scooter which are necessary.

You, like most other readers, might be wondering if there is any way of increasing the battery life of electric scooters or is there simply just no way to do it.

There are various ways of increasing the battery life of electric scooters, which if followed methodically can help you gain more battery life for your scooter. And give you a longer-lasting and better performing battery.

Here are some ways to increase your electric scooter’s battery life;

  • Don’t leave your battery charging after it’s fully charged.
  • Use the proper charger for your electric charger.
  • Never drain your battery completely
  • Don’t charge your electric scooter when it’s hot, always wait for it to cool down.
  • Find out the correct range and charging time for your scooter, so that you’ll be able to charge effectively.

Which Electric Scooter Has The Longest Battery Life?

There are many highly effective electric scooters in the market with good performance and attractive features and specifications. There are many things to consider before buying an electric scooter and you should also add the battery life to the things you should look for in an electric scooter.

The battery life of any electric scooter not just depends on the specifics features and build of the battery but also the way the electric scooter is handled by the buyer, thus making the electric scooter with the longest battery life very challenging.

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Electric Scooter Battery Replacement

Since we are discussing the battery life of electric scooters, we must touch on the subject of battery replacement of electric scooters.

Most electric scooters come with a warranty of 3 to 4 years, after that, if you need to replace the batteries of your electric scooter then you need to pay for the replacement cost yourself.

Replacing the batteries of electric scooters quite a bit can fall anywhere between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 35,000 depending on your specific scooter and the condition the scooter is in.

Generally, for electric scooters with a lower speed, the replacement cost of the scooter is less compared to higher speed electric scooters which cost quite a lot while replacing the batteries of the scooter.

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The battery life of an electric scooter is often overlooked by the buyer while it should be one of the paramount things to consider when choosing an electric scooter.

Once you educate yourself properly on the battery life of electric scooters you can make a more informed decision regarding the electric scooter you want to buy but also how to take care of your vehicle better so that you can make your electric scooter battery long-lasting.

We hope our guide on the battery life of electric scooters has helped you gain a better perspective regarding electric scooters and whether they are useful for you.