Ampere Electric Scooters – Magnus EX & Reo Features & Specifications [Video Review]

Are you looking for an electric scooter on an affordable side for your daily commute? In this article, we will cover electric scooters from the house Ampere.

Recently we visited one of the Ampere showrooms in Bangalore and asked them questions regarding their electric scooters and much more.

Read this article till the end and find the specifications of the Ampere Electric scooters plus there is a special discount code at the end. Here is a small glimpse of the topics we will deep dive into:

  • Ampere Magnus EX Specifications
  • Ampere REO Plus Specifications
  • Ampere Magnus EX Price
  • Ampere REO Plus Price
  • Ampere Magnus EX Range
  • Ampere REO Plus Range
  • Ampere Electric Scooter Mileage
  • How To Buy Ampere Electric Scooters
  • Subsidy on Ampere Electric scooters
  • Accessories for Ampere scooters
  • Discount Code

Ampere Electric Scooters Specifications

Ampere provides a great electric scooter that is jam-packed with features at a reasonable cost. Let’s look at the features that the Ampere REO Plus and Ampere Magnus EX have to offer.

Ampere Magnus EX Specifications

Range80 – 100 km
Price (On road price in Banglore)₹87,000/-
Battery60V, 38.25AH
Battery typeLithium-ion
Charger60V, 7.5A Li
ModesLow Mode & High Mode
Speed in Low Mode25-30 km/h
Speed in High Mode50-55 km/h
Range in Low Mode90-100 km
Range in High Mode80-90 km
Motor Power1200 – 2100 Watts
BrakeMechanical Drum – 130mm HBS
SuspensionFront – Telescopic, Rear – Coil Spring
Wheel10 inch
Ground Clearance147 mm
Ampere Electric Scooters Specifications
Ampere Magnus EX

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Ampere REO Plus Specifications

Range60-65 km
Top speed25km/h
Charge time5 to 6 Hrs
Battery48V, 28Ah
Battery typeLithium-ion
Vehicle typeNon-registration
ControllerBLDC Vector Sine Wave
Motor Power250 Watts
BrakeMechanical Drum
SuspensionFront – Telescopic, Rear – Coil Spring
Ground Clearance112 mm

Ampere Magnus EX Price

The price of Ampere Magnus EX Price is ₹87,000.

Ampere REO Plus Price

The price of Ampere REO Plus Price is ₹61,999.

Ampere Electric Scooter Mileage / Range

Let’s now talk about one of the most important things about an electric vehicle its mileage or in EV terms its range.

Ampere Magnus EX Range or Mileage

The range of Ampere Magnus EX is 80 – 100 km the salesperson told us you can use this scooter for daily purposes and you will not face any problems regarding range anxiety.

Ampere Magnus EX Range
Ampere Magnus EX Range

Ampere REO Plus Range or Mileage

Ampere REO plus is a go-to scooter for those people who don’t have a driving license and don’t want any registration hassle. This scooter comes with a range of 60-65 km which is ideal for your casual rides with your friend.

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Ampere REO Plus Review
Ampere REO Plus Review

How To Buy Ampere Electric Scooters

Currently, you can buy an Ampere Electric scooter by visiting their showrooms and having a test ride, and inspecting the vehicles according to your needs. I salesperson will tell you the ins and out of the scooter.

Ampere Electric Scooters Features

Magnus EX Features

Ampere offers practical features which you will need that will make your electric vehicle experience enjoyable like

  1. They offer 2 modes, high mode, and low mode. High mode provides you with more speed but leads to battery drain faster on the other hand low mode offers a low speed but helps you to save your battery.
  2. Ampere gives MCB at the boot of the scooter to switch off the battery drainage while you are out for a longer period.
  3. They also give charging support so you don’t run out of battery.
Magnus EX Features
Magnus EX Features

REO Plus Features

Ampere Electric offers similar features to Magnus EX in REO Plus except for the modes option because REO Plus is a single-speed scooter rest all the features are the same.

Ampere Electric scooters
REO Plus Features

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Subsidy on Ampere Electric Scooters

Let me clear your doubt if you don’t know the subsidies are regulated by the state government. It may vary from state to state, here in Karnataka you will get ₹34,000 as a subsidy.

Ampere Scooters Accessories

If you want accessories for your Ampere scooters you can get them directly from their showroom itself. They have a few basic accessories to make your ride enjoyable and provided more safety they have accessories like an all-around guard, footmat, handle grip, etc.

Accessories for Ampere scooters
Accessories for Ampere scooters

Discount Code on Ampere Electric Scooters

Therefore, if you reside in Bangalore you can go to SVV Motors – KR PURAM, BANGALORE and tell them you are a viewer of Electricbikeandcar and you will get ₹1000 off on your Ampere Electric scooters. You can thanks us later and you can share your review we would love to share your experience.


So if you are looking for an affordable electric scooter you can go for Ampere Electric Scooters and don’t forget to avail the discount.

Ampere Electric scooters
Ampere Electric scooters

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