Affordable electric bikes in India – Best 6 Picks

Are you searching for affordable electric bikes in India? Look nowhere else! In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top six inexpensive electric motorcycles that are currently on the market in India.

I am always excited to see advancements in the sector as an enthusiast of electric vehicles. Electric bikes in particular intrigue me since they provide a useful and economical form of mobility.

The demand for electric motorcycles has increased as India switches from using fossil fuels to electric power for transportation. Yet for most purchasers, price is still an important consideration. To assist you in making a wise choice, we have put together a list of the best affordable electric motorcycles available in India.

Our selection of reasonably priced electric bikes has something for everyone, whether you’re commuting to work or seeking a relaxing ride.

Top 6 Affordable Electric Bikes in India 2023-

Here’s the list of Electric Bikes we are going to cover

  • Ather 450X Gen 3
  • Ola S1
  • TVS iQube Electric
  • Tork Kratos
  • Oben Rorr

1. Ather 450X Gen 3

The Ather 450X Gen 3 has a variety of features and technology, beginning with its strong 6.2kW motor and 3.7kWh lithium-ion battery. This combination allows the scooter to go 105 kilometers in Eco mode and charge for 15 kilometers in just 10 minutes.

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The 450X Gen 3 has a youthful style with modern touches like the seven-inch touchscreen TFT display and Bluetooth connection.

Affordable electric bikes in India
Ather 450X Gen 3

Riders will also love the bike’s superior suspension system and brake hardware, as well as the five riding modes, which are Smart Eco, Eco, Ride, Sport, and Warp. For increased convenience, the 450X Gen 3 boasts a large 22-liter under-seat storage compartment.

Specification of Ather 450X Gen 3

SpecificationAther 450X Gen 3
Price1.3 lakhs
Top speed90 km/h
Power26 nm torque
Battery3.7 kWh
Fast ChargerYes
Charging time (0-100% (Home charging))5 h 40 min
Range146 km on a single charge

The Ather 450X Gen 3 is offered in India for a starting price of Rs. 1,32,939 and top version prices start at Rs. 1,55,361. It has remarkable characteristics and technologies.

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2. Oben Rorr

Users have access to features like geofencing, on-demand servicing, predictive maintenance, ride data, and battery status thanks to the vehicle’s all-LED lighting system and completely digital instrument cluster, both of which are connected to smartphones.

With a 10kW frame-mounted engine and 4.4kWh lithium-ion battery, Oben Rorr has a 200km range under ideal circumstances.

Oben Rorr
Oben Rorr

The Oben Rorr has a front telescopic fork and a mono-shock in the back. It also has disc brakes on both ends, CBS, and outstanding 200mm ground clearance and 230mm water wading capability.

Specification of Oben Rorr

Battery pack4.4kWh lithium-ion
Range (claimed)Eco mode: 150km; City mode: 120km; Havoc mode: 100km; IDC range: 200km
Riding modesEco, City, Havoc
Electric motor10kW frame-mounted motor
Top speed100kmph
Charging time2 hours (using a 15A socket)
Price (ex-showroom)Rs 99,999 (in Maharashtra, including FAME II and state subsidies)

The Oben Rorr is priced at Rs 99,999 ex-showroom in Maharashtra, inclusive of FAME II and state incentives, as stated in the final line of the paragraph.

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3. Ola S1

While contrasting the Ola S1 Air, S1, and S1 Pro, a number of variances may be seen. First, the S1 Air’s 2.5 kWh battery pack has a stated range of 101 km, whereas the S1’s 3 kWh battery has a claimed range of 141 km.

On the other hand, the S1 Pro has a bigger 4 kWh battery that offers a range of 181 kilometers. The S1 Pro features all of these settings in addition to a Hyper mode, whereas the S1 Air and S1 only have Eco, Normal, and Sports modes.

Affordable electric bikes in India
Ola S1

Specification of OLA S1 Air vs OLA S1 vs OLA S1 Pro

SpecificationOLA S1 AirOLA S1OLA S1 Pro
Battery pack2.5 kWh3 kWh4 kWh
Range (claimed)101 km141 km181 km
Riding modesEco, Normal, SportsEco, Normal, SportsEco, Normal, Sports, Hyper
Electric motor4.5 kW8.5 kW8.5 kW
Top speed85 kmph95 kmph116 kmph
Charging time4.5 hours5 hours6.5 hours
Price (ex-showroom)Rs 84,999Rs 99,999Rs 1.40 lakh

The S1 Air is the least expensive option overall, costing Rs 84,999. The S1 is the next cheapest option, costing Rs 99,999, and the S1 Pro is the most expensive, costing Rs 1.40 lakh. The Ola S1 Air ranking of 2nd among the top 10 electric bikes priced under Rs. 1.5 lakh in India in 2023 comes as no surprise.

4. Tork Kratos

A number of cutting-edge technologies, including a completely digital console with Bluetooth connectivity, many ride modes, a USB charging port, an anti-theft system, and OTA updates are included in the Kratos series from Tork.

The Kratos also sports a 4kW axial flux motor, which allows the Kratos R version to reach 40 kmph in as little as 3.5 seconds. The range of the 4kWh Lithium-ion battery is up to 180km on IDC and 120km in actual use.

Tork Kratos
Tork Kratos

Specification of Tork Kratos

SpecificationTork KratosTork Kratos R
Electric Motor7.5 kW9 kW
Power5.36 hp6 hp
Torque28 Nm38 Nm
Top Speed100 kmph105 kmph
0-40 kmph Time (seconds)4 sec.3.5 sec.
Battery (Li-ion)4 kWh4 kWh
Range (Km)180 km180 km
Charging Time (Hours)4-5 Hrs4-5 Hrs
Fast ChargingNAYes (0-80% in less than 1 hour)
Launch PriceRs 1.92 lakhRs 2.07 lakh
Effective Price (ex-showroom Pune)Rs 1.08 lakhRs 1.23 lakh

The Kratos is also equipped with regenerative braking and has a split trellis frame, telescopic fork, and mono-shock suspension. The 140 kg Kratos’ smooth ride is made possible with front and rear disc brakes with CBS and 17-inch alloy wheels.

5. TVS iQube Electric

With a stated real-world range of 100 km (standard and S versions) and 140 km, the TVS iQube Electric has a peak speed of 78 kmph (standard variant) and 82 kmph (ST variant) (ST variant). A 4.4kW electric hub motor with a 3.04kWh (regular and S variants) or 4.56kWh (ST variant) li-ion battery power the electric scooter.

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tvs iqube st
TVS iQube st

Specification of TVS iQube

SpecificationTVS iQube StandardTVS iQube STVS iQube ST
Battery pack3.04 kWh3.04 kWh4.56 kWh
Range (claimed)100 km100 km140 km
Electric motor4.4 kW4.4 kW4.56 kW
Top speed78 kmph78 kmph82
Price (ex-showroom)Rs. 99.13Rs. 1.04 LakhNo reviled

The pricing of the TVS iQube Electric ranges from Rs. 99.13 K for the base model to Rs. 1.04 Lakh for the S variant.


In conclusion, as the demand for eco-friendly transportation continues to rise in India, the market for affordable electric bikes is expanding quickly. With a range of options available, each with unique specifications, features, and prices, it’s important to make an informed decision when purchasing an electric bike.

This article has provided an overview of the best 6 picks for affordable electric bikes in India in 2023, outlining their key features and specifications. When selecting an electric bike, it’s important to consider factors such as range, charging time, top speed, battery capacity, and more. By doing so, you can make an informed decision and enjoy a comfortable, eco-friendly, and affordable ride.

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