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Have you noticed a shift towards electric transportation around the world? Electric vehicles are on the rise worldwide, including the popularity of using electric cars, bikes, and scooters. But why? Is it the convenience or the appeal to become more environmentally friendly? Whether you are weighing the pros and cons of adding an electric bike or electric car to your life or are curious to learn more, I am here to help.

Bijay Kumar

Electric Bike And Car

I am Bijay Kumar, the founder of ElectricBikeAndCar.com. I have a deep love for electric vehicles like electric cars, electric bikes, and electric scooters. This website is my way of providing reviews on these amazing machines.

I got interested in electric vehicles when I saw how they were changing the world. They’re more efficient than gas-powered cars, they’re better for the environment, and they’re more fun to drive!

I also do a lot of research on electric cars and bikes, so that more people can learn about the benefits of switching to this cleaner, greener form of transportation. Thanks for visiting my site!

I have a love for electric vehicles and want to help more people learn about them by providing clear and concise information. My mission is to make it easier for people to transition to electric vehicles by providing accurate information and honest reviews.

No, I’m not on the sales end of the industry. I’m a buyer just like you. I have spent hours researching a particular electric bike or car before making a purchase.

I’m excited to see how the world of transportation is changing, and I’m proud to be a part of it!



Hello, my name is Shobhit, and I’m a Genz guy who enjoys both EVs and new-age technologies. My goal is to raise awareness so that people may transition from ICE to EV technology.

My main goal with Electric Bike and Car is to disseminate accurate and useful information on the newest electric cars and to educate people about why EVs are necessary rather than just trendy.

What You Can Expect

The purpose of my website is to help you make an informed decision. There is an assortment of electric vehicle companies that produce different products. I want you to be comfortable and confident with any purchase you make for an electric bike, car, or scooter.  There are advantages and disadvantages with any product you choose— that goes for anything, not just electric transportation.

I enjoy writing, and I enjoy writing about electric cars and electric bikes. BUT… I don’t only write about things I’ve learned secondhand. I also share my first-hand experiences. I take my research findings, past experiences, and even questions that I may have had in the past and compile them to have helpful information at your fingertips.

Here are a few ways how I share the knowledge I have with the world:

  • Product Reviews
  • Informative Articles
  • How-To Articles
  • Product Lists

From the latest model of electric bikes to the newest features for electric cars, I review it all. I understand that there is a noticeable difference when switching from petrol bikes or cars to electric. I want to help you prepare. No worries if you have come across my blog to learn more information.

Knowledge itself is power.Sir Francis Bacon

The Greener Side

Purchasing a vehicle like a car is a big-ticket item. Personal transportation can be quite expensive. Even in the EV (electric vehicle) industry, the products you purchase can be pricey. I don’t know about you, but I like to get the best deal. So, I look for ways to save money, like rebates and tax deductions.

Though electric vehicles are impacting the world, not every portion of the world has quickly accepted the beneficial changes that electric cars, bikes, and scooters bring. As incentives, some governments or state officials offer rebates to entice those who desire to purchase their own personal transportation to consider electric vehicles as an option.

Yes, your local government may offer you green for going green with your car or bike. It could be a simple cash payment or a tax deduction.

Facts Over Opinions

With the billions of people on this planet, there are a billion and one different opinions about a matter. Please note that I am not here to share an opinion with you. I simply share factual information with you.

Wait… before you say, Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Kudos for being highly selective in what you entertain online. Not all information or content created to share with the public is done so without malicious intent. The intended purpose of Electric Bike and Car is to become a handy resource of valuable information for you for the duration of your life as an electric bike owner or user.

Ideally, this is how this process works. I find an interesting or pressing topic to cover with an article. I choose the type of article to write, and then I begin researching. I consume tons of information that is accessible via the internet. Then I organize the overwhelming amount of data and tips— whatever I found while researching— into smaller digestible segments.

Let’s say that you have been attempting to do your own research before selecting an EV brand bike, car, or scooter. You begin your search, but more questions arise. That’s where I step into the picture. I help answer those questions. Details such as range, charging time, and other specifications are useful to be aware of since these features will greatly impact your entire experience with your electric bike, car, or scooter.

Bottom Line

Aside from reducing air pollution and being a sustainable form of transportation, there are multiple things to consider before buying an electric bike or car. Things such as availability and locations of charging stations, battery charging time, range, mileage, and the advantages and disadvantages of EVs compared to petrol and diesel vehicles.

If you are in the process of deciding to buy an electric car or bike, don’t be hasty. Take your time to research so that you can make an informed decision. A decision that you can be content with and proud that you made it. If you aren’t in the decision-making process, you can still use the expertise and experience shared on Electric bikes and Cars.

As an avid bike and car lover, I delight in driving my electric car and bike. I do care about the impact that our transportation choices have on the world. I passionately share what I have learned, facts, and my experience. It is no secret that my hope in what I share is to enlighten you to see the benefits of using electric bikes and cars worldwide. Maybe you’ll make the switch from petrol and diesel to electric.